10 Natural Canadian Shampoo Bars That Work (and how to use them)

10 Natural Canadian Shampoo Bars That Work (and how to use them)

If you are trying to reduce the number of plastic bottles in your bathroom, it might be time to try a shampoo bar. I’ve been using this one from Unwrapped life and I really like it!

Gone are the days of hippie-dippy bars that don’t work and cause your hair to be limp and dry! This new breed of shampoo bars is packed with plants and botanicals that will leave your hair feeling hydrated, clean and nourished! Here are 10 Natural Canadian Shampoo Bars That Work (and how to use them)!

Let’s talk transition, there is one!

Your hair and you are not used to using a shampoo that does not lather like crazy when you add water. Your hair is also most likely used to the  Synthetic detergents and harsh chemicals (used to create lathering and foaming) and found in most conventional bottles shampoo.

I’d say the number one issue that arises when starting to use a shampoo bar is the transition period.

Not everyone goes through it, but many people often do. Your hair is used to the chemicals you’ve been using from conventional shampoos which are intended to strip the natural oils from your hair.

Synthetic surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate are very common in liquid shampoos. SLS and other detergents strip the hair of its natural oil, which can cause several problems.

When you first make the switch, your hair might continue to produce those natural oils at the same rate as it was with your previous shampoo but now you aren’t stripping the oils from your hair, which can cause your hair to look greasy.

Your hair naturally produces oils and when you use bar soap because there are no chemicals stripping the oil from your hair, it can appear a bit greasy for the first two weeks.

Your hair should adjust. My advice: keep an open mind, have patience and try a few before you give up, with so many on the market you are bound to find one that works. I did. 🙂

Shampoos bars also come with minimal packaging, helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles heading to landfill!

You will save money, research has shown that we tend to use more shampoo in a bottle than we need too.

They are amazing for travel!

10 Natural Canadian Shampoo Bars That Work and how to use them


I’d avoid any bar that contains palm oil or palm-derived glycerin or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Both are bad for you and really bad for the environment. Also, look for artificial fragrances and dyes, you’ll want to avoid these as well.

There are some shampoo bars that contain sodium hydroxide, this is another type if sulfate and has a higher PH than your hair, over long term use it can have negative effects on your hair.

Look for ingredients like shea butter or mango butter and oils like coconut, avocado, argan oils etc.

And ones scented with essential oils that will benefit the hair like chamomile, rosemary, calendula etc.


Step 1 – Wet your hair, the wetter the better

Step 2 – I add water to the bar in my hands, it will most likely not lather the way you think it will, then I scrub the bar into my roots first and work my way down to the ends

Step 3 – Rinse

You will find what works for you!

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I chatted with Karina Birch, she’s the boss lady behind Rocky Mountain Soap, about how to use bars the right way.

1) How to pick a shampoo bar? 

Ingredients matter! Confirm that what’s in there is right for you and your hair type. While the basic need for a shampoo is to clean your hair, you may want your shampoo to protect, condition, and improve dryness. Try a few! Some will work for you better than others, just like any product.

2) Some misconceptions about shampoo bars are…

Shampoo bars can be made from either soap (saponified oils) or mild cleansing agents (detergents). Both clean your hair but there are some important differences. Soap-based shampoo bars generally have a higher pH which is great for adding volume to hair. Handmade soap-based shampoo bars are ‘super-fatted’ which means not all the oil is turned to soap (some of the originals oils remain), which is ultra-hydrating. Some hair types may be sensitive to the higher pH level in a soap bar or, need more detangling in which case detergent-based shampoo bars can perform better. Check the ingredients to see which type is right for you.

Shampoo bars offer better value than liquid and have less packaging or no packaging.

The moist environment of the shower could deteriorate your shampoo bar when you’re not even using it, making those 20-50 washes far fewer, so store in a dry place!

Not all shampoo bars are natural. They can still be formulated with sulfates, parabens and phthalates. Again, check the ingredients to be sure.

10 Natural Canadian Shampoo Bars That Work and how to use them

Here are some great Canadian brands to choose from: 


Their Natural Shampoo bar with Rosemary doubles as a body soap and is SLS free!
It’s made with rosemary leaf oil to stimulate the scalp, and castor oil to leave your hair feeling soft. Rosemary oil increases circulation to the scalp, while castor oil leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft. This SLS free soap is perfect for taking on vacation, as it can be used as both shampoo and body soap.


These power-house bars are scented using only 100% pure essential oils specifically selected to work in combination with active ingredients to produce salon-quality results.

The Balancer bars are made With turmeric and calendula, this bar not only normalizes hair follicle activity, but it also promotes stronger hair by amping up collagen production and providing nutrition to your roots. Calming neroli, patchouli, and rosewood essential oils are uplifted with a hint of sweet orange essential oil, for a subtle and neutral scent.



All their soaps are handmade with quality oils, scented and coloured with only organic herbs & essential oils. No perfumes or chemical colourants. Never tested on animals, and contain no preservatives. they make a good suds and will leave your skin AND HAIR feeling silky smooth and hydrated. All bars are sulfate and palm free.



The Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar adds volume and shine while cleansing your hair and scalp. This incredible ingredient has been a trusted secret for over 1,400 years. With continued use, our conditioning and mineral-rich shampoo bar may help reduce dandruff and also doubles as body and hand soap.

These bars do contain sodium hydroxide which has a higher PH than your hair. Just a heads up on that!



This mild, gentle, low-lather cleanser is formulated to leave your hair feeling clean and healthy. Plant-based and triple-milled, it’s free of any harsh detergents, and organic jojoba and baobab oils naturally condition hair.

This brand does contain palm oil, I don’t love that! But they do say this on their website:

“Our Shampoo Bar is both certified USDA organic and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO certification is an assurance that the standard of palm oil production is sustainable. All organizations in the supply chain that use RSPO certified sustainable oil products are audited to prevent overselling and mixing palm oil with conventional (or non-sustainable) oil palm products.”

I highly recommend you read more about Palm Oil and RSPO here.



This shampoo bar will cleanse your hair and leave it soft and manageable.
Jojoba oil in a liquid wax and the chemical composition resembles the natural sebum produced by the scalp. It’s a lubricant and emollient and may help repair damaged shafts and protect from environmental damage.



The Juniper + Birch Soap/Shampoo bar is all about cleansing and moisturizing for both skin & hair, it creates a thick frothy lather. It is lightly scented with notes of geranium, juniper berries, and creamy wintergreen. JuniperContains anti-inflammatory virtues and is rich in antioxidants. Strengthens and conditions hair. These soaps also contain sodium hydroxide, FYI.



The Rosemary Mint Shampoo bar is great for normal hair,  it’s a natural conditioning shampoo in a bar form, formulated with natural plant oils, butters, botanicals and pure essentials oils that nourish your hair and scalp. The combination of peppermint and rosemary is said to stimulate the growth of hair follicles and leave your hair clean and shiny and your scalp with a cool refreshing tingle.




These little powerhouses pack a lot of cleaning power—in an awfully convenient form. They last longer than liquid shampoos, and they’re chock full of essential oils, natural ingredients, and fresh scents. The Calendula Chamomile Shampoo Bar is specially formulated for those with fine, light hair. Want extra-thick lather? Well… you’ll find it in this one. Castor oil, chamomile, and calendula all work together to give you soft, silky hair. Sensitive scalp? This is your shampoo bar.



Eco+Amour offers this service in Toronto.

Bring clean, dry containers of your choosing, or shop our selection of refillable containers. Fill your containers with our amazing natural products and pay by weight. Enjoy the great vibes you get from making a more sustainable purchasing decision.

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10 Natural Canadian Shampoo Bars That Work (and how to use them)

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