2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Animal-Lover Edition

The movement for minimalist living continues to grow in popularity as so many of us look for ways to reduce our waste and impact on the planet. Why not bring that energy into the holiday season? Here’s our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Animal-Lover Edition.

Instead of buying your loved ones more stuff they don’t really need and risk your gift ending up in the back of someone’s closet or a donation bin, get them an experience or symbolic gift they’ll cherish for years to come.

Here are our top picks for the eco-friendly animal-lover in your life.

Passes to a puppy or kitten yoga class

What better way to relax than by doing yoga in a room full of adorable animals? Grab two passes to a local puppy or kitten yoga class for you and your bestie, and enjoy holding downward dog with an actual dog.

Bake treats together for your pets

rolling cookies dough on a baking sheet

Block off some time and invite your pet-owning pal to join you in baking some treats for your pets! There are tons of recipes online, and you can pick up the ingredients at your local bulk food store ahead of time to reduce waste. If you want it to be a surprise, gift the ingredients to your friend and then make plans with them to get to the baking.

Host a meatless holiday party

We know that eating less meat is better for our health, animals, and the planet; take Meatless Monday a step further and host a meatless holiday party! Challenge your friends to bring an eco-friendly gift for a group gift-exchange, make holiday-themed appetizers, and crank up the holiday tunes for a night to remember.

Adopt a bear (symbolically, of course) in their name

a grizzly bear

Through World Animal Protection, you can set up a monthly donation to symbolically adopt a bear at their partner sanctuary in Pakistan. Maya, Pooh, Rene and Bhoori suffered tremendously in their past lives as baiting bears. Your monthly support will ensure they receive nutritious food, proper vet care and plenty of enrichment to just be bears. You’ll get an adoption certificate, photos, and a magnet of your chosen bear to wrap up and give your friend.

Click here to learn more.

Gift them an ethical vacation package to see wildlife

elephants in Thailand
Oct. 08, 2019 – Koh Lanta, Thailand. Jahn (female) – Left and Chok (male) – right, wait for tourists at Eco-tourism Recreation. © Nicolas Axelrod / Ruom

This one is a bit of a splurge, but if you’re looking for a gift with serious wow-factor for someone special in your life, you can gift them a trip to see their favourite animals in the wild! Observe elephants at ChangChill in Thailand, take an ethical boat tour to see dolphins playing in the ocean, or visit Libearty bear sanctuary in Romania.

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Read more about animal-friendly travel kits from World Animal Protection.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide Animal-Lover Edition

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