3 Simple Ways Shopping Locally Helps The Environment

Transitioning to a more ethical wardrobe can be tough when you have no idea where to find conscious clothing. If you are in the process of ditching the fast fashion companies, one of the easiest ways to buy new clothes ethically is to shop local. Here are 3 simple ways shopping locally helps the environment.

What does it mean to shop locally?
It means supporting locally designed goods that are made here at home. This process is important because it sustains communities, creates jobs and protects the environment.

So, let’s take a look at these 3 factors.

Economic resilience
When you choose to invest in products that are locally made, you are contributing to create a community that is economic resilient, where meaningful work is generated connecting the people with the place where they live.

Cultural Diversity
From a human and creative perspectives, shopping local allows designers and artisans to be less influenced by what the big businesses are dictating. On the contrary, they are free to express their creativity and individual skills in a style that doesn’t follow any trends. In that way, fashion becomes less homogenous, and less similar to everything you can find at a shopping mall.

In the end, local designs translate themselves into regional treasures, where traditional techniques and local materials and resources come together creating fashion diversity and strengthening local production.

3 Simple Ways Shopping Locally Helps The Environment

Environmental Protection
Finally, our environment. By shopping local, you are shortening the distances the product or its raw materials would have to travel. In a global production, the raw materials are outsourced and shipped from around the world, and the final product usually travels a long distance before if gets to the shelves or to your home.

Oppositely, in a local perspective, the design and production take into consideration the resources available locally and therefore, gas emissions from the transportation phase are being avoided.

How do you discover the amazing local shops in your city?

3 Simple Ways Shopping Locally Helps The Environment


Luiza Ferro

Luiza Ferro is a Fashion Business graduate with a passion for inspiring and educating people through beautiful imagery and valuable content. Luiza has been working with Digital Media and Content Creation for the past 4 years helping brands get more connected to their audience in a more purposeful way. Her mission is to help shape a new way of thinking and consuming fashion.
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