5 Beach Essentials For The Sustainably Minded Canadian

If you are lucky enough to live near the beach or you’re just spending lots of time in the sun, then you’ll need to be prepared with certain eco-friendly beach bag essentials. We’ve rounded up 5 Beach Essentials For The Sustainably Minded Canadian!
Hope you are loving summer as much as I am! 

Organic Cotton Beach Towels

Stray & Wonder is one of my favourite brands, you can find them in our directory, this Canadian company offers a wide range of beautiful, hand-loomed organic Turkish Cotton Towels that are perfect for the beach. Turkish cotton comes from a medium fibre cotton plant which provides the perfect balance between absorbency and quick drying. The more you wash your towel the softer it becomes. I simply love mine, they come in a variety of colours and styles too. Perfect for the beach or the pool!


The perfect Tote Bag

Borrow a friends, shop vintage, or pick a bag that has a cause. Cambio & Co. offers a wide selection of the cutest totes that are handmade by artisans in the Phillippines.

5 Beach Essentials For The Sustainably Minded Canadian

Photo: Cambio & Co. (and front page image)

Value Village and Goodwill are two great places to find them too.

The essential sandal!

Brave Soles (how cute is the name!)

5 Beach Essentials For The Sustainably Minded Canadian

After working and learning from a local community of garbage dump workers on the north coast of Dominican Republic and seeing the effects of tires being dumped daily, founder Christal had an idea, why not use tires for soles on beautiful handmade shoes – and create a way to help the most vulnerable people in the process? From there Brave Sole was born. She says “It’s not just our story, nor is it a tire’s story. This is the story of a lot of people like you: people who know they want to be proud of what they do and what they wear. People like us know that we can do better. We also know we can look great while doing it!”
My fav is The Jasmine, it’s pretty and practical! And so comfy too! Made of locally sourced leather and Hand cut, upcycled tire soles.

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Hats off!

Beautiful handmade hats from Ecuador from a company called Aborigen Handcrafts specializes in importing unique handcrafts and products exclusively from there. Their main imports are straw hats known as “toquilla hats.” For the past 18 years, the founder of the company has been dedicated to travelling around the world, handling festivals and publicizing these unique handmade straw hats.

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Eye Candy!

I simply LOVE Loch Eyewear, I was introduced to them at the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto and fell in love instantly, both with the style and the story behind them. First, off they are not plastic; win for me and for the planet. They are made from 500 + year old water recovered timbers.

More than 500 years ago North American forests were teeming with massive old-growth virgin timbers. These unspoiled trees were harvested by our settlers during the logging boom and floated down the fast-moving rivers to the Great Lakes, but not all survived the journey. Sinking to the bottom they were preserved in the near zero oxygen environment, achieving unparalleled beauty, quality, and character, while also increasing in strength. Undisturbed these timbers lay… until now.

Scuba diving to the bottom of the lake, the once lost timbers are recovered and, through a process born out of a desire for high-quality eco-fashion products, are transformed into exclusive sunglasses and prescription eye-wear. They are made in Canada, and the lenses I have to say are really really good!

Bonus tip: Pick a good sunscreen 
When it comes to sunscreen, it’s complicated. We wrote an extensive article on the subject last summer. It’s important to pick a sunscreen that you like, sometimes its trial and error to find the one that works for you. The ones in the article are ones we’ve used and love. You also want to keep in mind that sunscreen has a pretty big impact on the ocean as well. Recent reports have found that chemicals in sunscreen are killing coral reefs and other marine life.

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5 Beach Essentials For The Sustainably Minded Canadian

This blog is a collaboration between The Eco Hub,  Stray & Wander and Brave Soles Shoes. If you are a brand and want to get in touch, email us by clicking here

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