5 Canadian Green Beauty Brands That Are Killing It

I can’t say enough about Canadian green beauty brands, here’s a list of my fav’s, there are so many to choose from!

We have a lot to love about being Canadian: the Rocky Mountains, gorgeous beaches, cottage country, the Great Lakes, freshwater, safe cities, hockey, poutine and of course Ryan Gossling. But there is one more thing- natural skincare.

Before the whole world started obsessing about plant-based skincare, Canadians were leading the way and now we have some of the BEST natural beauty brands on the planet. I’ve loved pioneers like Love Fresh, Graydon, Cocoon Apothecary and Province Apothecary for years and if you don’t know about them, head on over to their websites NOW!

For this blog post, I want to highlight brands that are newer (to me), but just as good and I am going to predict will certainly take a bite out of the green beauty pie. It’s also Canada’s 150 Birthday, so let’s celebrate these local supernatural superstars! The beautiful Jennifer from the Truth Beauty Company is offering 10% off some of these amazing items, just use the code ECOHUB at checkout. Keep reading for all details!

I also want to point out that most of these brands do come in plastic, it’s not an ideal situation, I realize this. But if you can purchase one of these Canadian Green Beauty Brands instead of the conventional ones, you are still making a difference. It’s ultimately up to the bands to do better. My suggestion is to reach out to them and tell them how you feel.

Canadian Green Beauty Brands


 a bottle of Basd Body Cream a Canadian green beauty brand that is killing it

Is my new obsession! I had the opportunity of meeting the founders Ashley and Phil at the True Beauty Talk,  they are both kick-ass Canadians who used to run the show over at Vega. They created basd body care after seeing a void in the natural body care department. I was very impressed with their overall knowledge of each formulation and dedication to their brand. It’s so important to connect with the people who make the products you are putting on your body every day!

I’ve been using their Indulgence Creme Brulee body lotion for a month now and let’s just say my hubby can’t keep his hands off me. I’m a big one for scent and this stuff is a-may-zing. You’ll want to lick it off. Here are the directions on the bottle:  “get nakd. rub body lotion onto the skin. feel your skin absorb the moisture and nutrients. clothing is optional for the rest of the day. repeat daily or as needed.” Sign me up!

We spend a lot of time on our faces but the body needs some TLC too, especially in the summertime. Packed with organic virgin coconut oil and organic shea butter that are rich in vitamins that the skin needs for optimal health. The organic aloe vera juice has a calming effect on the body, the organic sunflower oil hydrates the skin and fights off dryness and fine lines.

Along with the body lotion, there is a scrub and a body wash, both of which I adore! You know how much I love coffee and salt to help reduce inflammation, detox the body and get rid of dead skin cells, it’s just what the body ordered. Time to get nakd babes!

I love it because it’s an amazing price point for what you are getting and a little goes a long way, 3 pumps covers my whole body. It’s very hydrating on my dry skin, it’s rich and smooth in texture, melts into my skin and leaves this lovely scent behind.

I apply it at night before bed and in the morning my skin still feels supple.  And the branding is on fleek too! Grab yours here. Make sure you put in the code ECOHUB for 15% off. 


 a package of Bathorium bath salts a Canadian green beauty brand

I have a total crush on Gregory and Mathieu, the co-founders of my new favourite bathtime products. This Canadina Green Beauty Brand is all about #BringBackTheBath and I have to say this excites me so. Why? because we are so damn busy in this part of the world and it’s time we start thinking about what #SelfCare actually means. These days for me it’s filling the tub, pouring a good glass of rose and grabbing a great book.

Bathorium’s bath soaks are called C·R·U·S·H, what a perfect name, cause they are crushing it (I could not resist, sorry). I have tried all four of these amazing concoctions and each one of them offers different befits for the body.

The Charcoal Garden Detox’s main ingredient is organic activated bamboo charcoal, I used this after producing the iHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards, I was exhausted (working 9 days in a row will do that), I had been in the sun too much and ate way too many M & M’s – don’t judge.

I felt amazing after soaking in the bath, the spicy oils of basil and calming lavender soothed my mind and the Epsom salts + french sea salts relaxed my aching muscles. And bonus, the coconut milk was very soothing on my skin too.

Try the Eucalyptus Apothecary, trust me your post-workout regime will be a whole lot more interesting. Try the Sea Kelp Serenity, this C·R·U·S·H has the highest concentration of french sel de mer, dead sea mud and organic sea kelp. Sea kelp naturally calms the skin from inflammation while therapeutic lavender and bergamot essential oil balance and restore.

The Rosemary Citrus Emulsion has this fresh tingle to it with beautiful notes of orange, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang flowing throughout the tub in a creamy cascade of coconut milk. Nourishing argan oil and mango butter provide essential vitamins to the skin leaving your whole body rejuvenated and restored.

I love it because Bathorium products will detoxify and nourish your skin, and balance your mind. Live Well. Love Lots. Bath, Beautifully. Plus the price point is so affordable.

Grab yours here. Make sure you put in the code ECOHUB for 10% off. 


a collection of Wild Craft Care a Canadian green beauty brand

Wildcraft is a Canadian Green Beauty brand that is simply beautiful, from the branding to the formulations, I am officially hooked. This local Toronto brand is really killing it in my opinion. Let’s start with the Chamomile Honey Makeup Remover, how can someone be in love with a makeup remover?

I have been trying a few as of late and by far this is my top pick! It’s really effective, it removes caked-on TV makeup really well and does not sting or burn my eyes at all. This toner is a fusion of every A-lister ingredient, the chamomile and honey are soft, soothing, and hydrating. The calming aroma comes from the Calendula, chamomile, and rose- and I simply can’t get enough of it!

Speaking of can’t get enough! If you are looking for a toner that will leave your skin dewy and fresh, then Wildcraft’s Balance Toner is for you.  I began using toners about 6 months ago after reading about how beneficial it is to ageing skin (me) and I have to say my skin is better for it. A good toner will help to balance your skin’s PH levels, shrink pores and protect the skin. After I’ve washed my face I spray 1-2 pumps (love that it’s in spray form), let it dry then add my moisturizer.

Aloe vera, witch hazel, and orange floral water leave my skin feeling fresh, it’s like spring in a bottle. The aloe vera is anti-microbial, that’s going to help cleanse pores, the witch hazel will reduce puffiness. The scents are simply gorgeous, the geranium essential oil and orange floral water are a marriage made in heaven.

Non-greasy, super absorbent and simply divine is how I would describe the Illuminate Body Cream, it has a texture like whipped cream you’d get on a waffle, and believe me it’s almost good enough to eat, a little goes a long way too. This is definitely a skin-quenching cream that will certainly be my #BFF come the winter.

Elegant, soft, feminine is how I would describe the Geranium Orange Blossom Face Cream. I’ve been dreaming of a face cream that I can use day or night that’s formulated for ageing, sensitive skin, and that’s reasonably priced. Well, dreams do come true eco babes.

If you are on a quest to find a gorgeous cream that’s rich in texture but will absorb into your skin and leave it feeling hydrated all day long, then you’ve hit the lottery. The Orange Blossom Toner and this face cream are a dynamic duo! I will be buying this when mine runs out!

Other reasons to love this brand: Locally made and locally sourced Ontario ingredients, minimal packaging simple, elegant, uncomplicated formulas, luxury skincare at a great price.

Grab yours here. Make sure you put in the code ECOHUB for 10% off. 


3 bottles of Smith Farms Cream a Canadian green beauty brand

Taking farm to face to a whole new level, Smith Farms is located in a predominately agricultural setting in Western Quebec, where they make their products in a production facility on the grounds. Tre Cool! Julia and Becky (the brains behind the brand) are involved in every stage of this business.

From product formulation, ingredient selection, manufacture to shipment, they have a hand in it all. I love the fact that maintaining one central production center cuts down their carbon footprint and ensures the highest quality of each product from start to finish.

The Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser is just that! You don’t need to use very much of it, it’s great for sensitive skin and gentle enough to use around the eyes. It has an oh-so-delightful scent. Keep in mind the right cleanser can make a huge difference for your skin.

If you are using one that’s not right for your skin type you are messing with the PH balance, which means that no matter what serum, cream or moisturizer you use after you apply, it will do nothing. So choose wisely. I’ve since run out and have to say this is on my wish list.

I love good body oil, I first started using body oil when I was 14 or 15 years old (it was Neutrogena- YIKES), when I reached my 20’s and realized that so many of the drug store-bought oils were full of crap (literally), I kind of shied away from them.

Then I discovered Tata Harper’s Body Oil (about 6 yrs ago) and the love affair began. The first time I smelled it I was hooked. BUT with the Canadian dollar being so bad right now, it’s become a bit too much to fork out $125 for body oil, up to this point it’s been tough to fill that void.

Enter the Nourishing Hair and Body Oil, the scent is very enticing thanks to the honeysuckle essential oil and the antioxidant-rich formula combines jojoba, sweet almond, sunflower and vitamin e oils, to renew skin and hair health. I use it right out of the shower on my body when it’s still a bit wet, it goes on so well and is absorbed very quickly, leaving my skin soft and hydrated and delicately scented.

I love it because it’s a multipurpose oil that can be used as an overall moisturizer for the body and face and also provides an intensive conditioning treatment for dry, damaged hair. Their Daily Moisture Body Lotion is perfect for the summer, not too heavy, beautiful scented with Grapefruit Essential Oil and priced perfectly. A must try!

Grab yours here. Make sure you put in the code ECOHUB for 10% off. 

Stark Skincare

a collection of stark skincare products a Canadian green beauty brand

Every STARK product is created by hand in small batches in a meticulously kept tiny lab. Stark uses resilient plants such as adaptogens and antioxidants to help skin function it’s best, by fortifying against external aggressors such as airborne VOCs, smoke, and pollution.

Infusing herbs that help skin adapt better to its environment, using aromatherapy to ease and soothe the mind (and create an awesome, sensorial experience), and high-end, all-natural ingredients create synergistic formulas that create a joyful self-care moment while making skin look freaking amazing (I mean, it’s all one could ever want, right??).

Stark is both simple and sophisticated by combining old-world plant wisdom with modern cosmetic science. Jess, the woman behind the brand is a true star when it comes to formulating the products, she really knows her stuff.

If you live in an Uran area the Cypress Purity + Defence oil is a total lifesaver. I find the cold and dry winter weather can really take a toll on my skin. I use this oil more than once a day and simply love it. It’s a great “layering piece” as it’s a great makeup primer, and wears easily under serums, creams, and SPF.

A medium-light oil that absorbs quickly into the skin, creating a protective shield from the outside environment, while delivering essential, bio-compatible phytonutrients back to the skin, such as squalane.

The Midnight Regenerating Oil, soooo good. Aurora is versatile and easy to use. Apply to dry skin to remove every trace of makeup and daily grime, then remove it with a damp cloth. Once makeup is removed, you can emulsify a chickpea sized amount of balm with water to create a milky, creamy skin cleanser. As it contains only skin-beneficial ingredients and can be left on the skin as a moisturizer or as a mask. Try on hands, elbows, fly-away hair, cuticles and more.

If you haven’t made the switch to green beauty, it’s easier thank you think.

I’d love to hear from you, what’s your favourite green beauty brand?

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