5 Canadian Natural Cleaning Products For The Eco-Conscious Home

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Looking to clean like a green champ?  To help, I’ve rounded up 5 Canadian Natural Cleaning Products For The Eco-Conscious Home.

I have been cleaning my home naturally for 15 years, I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a conventional cleaning product. My home is clean and smells wonderful, I never have to worry about VOC’s and chemicals hanging around in the air. When you first decide to choose eco-cleaning products it can be slightly overwhelming knowing which one is the right one for you. I suggest easing into it slowly. As one product runs out replace it with a new more eco-friendly one you want to try.

All of the companies mentioned in this blog are Canadian, eco-friendly, and have great sustainable manufacturing practices. I should mention that these products do come in plastic containers, many of which are either recycled or recyclable. It's not an ideal situation, I recognize that, but we need to remember that not everyone has access to refill and bulk shops and in many cases plastic is the only option. I always recommend to try and buy items in bulk when you can. It saves you money, but it also helps to cut back on the volume of waste (plastic) you are bringing into the home.

Why You Need To Choose Natural Cleaning Products: 

Cleaning products are big business in Canada, we spend more than $275 million a year on them. Keeping our homes clean is about keeping our homes healthy right? Not the case if you’re buying conventional cleaners that come with a concoction of chemicals. Chemicals that leave VOC’s or volatile organic compounds lingering in our homes, that we breathe in and that cause a slew of health issues.

To make matters worse, these chemicals enter our bodies through the skin or when we inhale household dust and even from the chemical residue left on kitchen utensils and when you pour them down the drain they can completely destroy aquatic ecosystems.

Many of the chemicals found in cleaning products are not regulated and typically don't appear on the label either, so it’s impossible to know what’s in many of them, dirty business right?



Attitude Cleaning Products on a table Canadian a Natural Cleaning ProductPin

Attitude, a Montreal based company,  whose products are developed in their in-house lab where they meet all of Ecologo’s standards are vegan and plant-based.  Their products are tested in an independent lab for the absence of cancer-causing chemicals like 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide. They are also EWG verified. If you are a newbie to green cleaning, these look, feel, and work like more conventional brands and they’re one of the more affordable options on the market.

I’ve been using quite a few products from this range, but really love the All-Purpose Cleaner. This natural cleaning product smells so lovely, it's so fresh. It does a fantastic job of cleaning the bathroom (and bath) as well as the kitchen. A little goes a long way, which I really love as well. I've used it for small cleanups after my pet. You can use it as both a surface cleaner and a spot cleaner. Spray, the area, give it a minute to work and then wipe away with ease.


a collection of Nature Clean products  Natural Cleaning ProductsPin

Is one of my ALL-TIME fav's, its one of the best eco-friendly cleaning products, they have been around for a long time and were actually one of the first eco cleaning brands I tried many years ago. All their products are made and packaged in Canada, good for septic tanks, gluten-free, vegan and biodegradable. I've used all of their products and must say it's hard to pick a favourite.

The dishwasher packs are really good. They are unscented, you won't see any spots on your dishes. I have used these in an overloaded dishwasher and they can hold up. What I really love is there is no film and no funky smell left after the dishes are done. I also love the fact that you can buy them in bulk, 60 pods at a time.

The natural toilet cleaner is a game-changer. It works as well as conventional toilet bowl cleaners but without the heavy, sickening fragrance. It also does not contain that pointless blue dye (which has stained the upper portion of our toilet bowl blue over the years!). Good value for the size of the bottle. I should note that the liquid is clear (no nasty dyes here) so you need to watch how much you are pouring into the bowl. It's made without hydrochloric acid so it’s non-toxic and non-corrosive. They use Thyme Oil and Australian Tea Tree Oil to add natural antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It smells great and gets the job done.


close up photos of bio-very cleaning products a Natural Cleaning ProductPin

Biovert is a family-owned company based in Laval (Quebec) that has been developing low environmental impact household cleaning products since 1984. This is by far my number 1 choice for dish soap! It suds really well, rinses clean and cuts through all the grease and muck like a charm. I think I've been using this brand for at least 10 years. It's vegan and biodegradable. A little also goes a long way. It comes in two scents, I love the citrus.  It's EcoLogo certified (EcoLogo is Canada's only recognized environmental standard and certification mark), honestly, you can't go wrong with any of their products. And you can buy it in bulk as well, gotta love that!


Is one of the best organic cleaning products I have used. I simply cannot love without their SuperScrub Powder, it's a mild scouring powder for all challenges in your home, I use it to get rid of soap scum in sinks, showers and bathtubs, and for burnt-in pots and pans, in my toilet bowls, on my stovetops and in the oven. It is scented with organic tea tree and lavender essential oils, which further enhance its cleaning powers. It's safe for all materials and surfaces.

Simply sprinkle it on a damp cloth and tackle the dirt! Septic tank safe, yep. 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free, rated straight A's by the EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning, 100% Recycled plastic bottles and is the only EcoCert certified cleaning products in North America

I also LOVE the glass and window cleaner. I do make my own most of the time. But have used and loved this one. It is subtly scented with organic lime essential oil, which not only smells wonderful and fresh but also helps to leave all your glass surfaces streak-free. This works really well on my and stove. It cleans quickly and leaves glass shiny, without any residue.


3 photos of nellies floor cleaner a Natural Cleaning ProductPin

Adore this natural cleaning company so much! I've been using their laundry products forever! The wool dryer balls are THE BEST. I'll be writing more on laundry in the coming weeks. If you are looking for a really good floor cleaner, this is my top pick. The floor cleaner doesn’t leave a residue and it doesn’t have an overpowering scent. I dilute it 1:1 with water (not necessarily required) but it still cleans well and my floors SHINE like never before. This is another amazing Canadian natural cleaning company that you can count on.

These are some of my top picks for non-toxic cleaning my home. It's important to understand why switching to natural cleaners is better for you, your home and the planet, sometimes reading a label on a cleaning product can be a challenge, in some cases, there is no label and in others, the ingredients listed are so confusing.


Silica powder- Found in abrasive cleaning powders. A known carcinogen that is harmful when inhaled.

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dehydrate- Found in toilet bowl cleaners, deodorizers, surface cleaners, and disinfectants. In high doses can cause kidney issues, very toxic to aquatic life.

Sodium hydroxide (also known as lye and caustic soda) -Found in oven cleaners, bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, drain openers, and toilet bowl cleaners. Highly corrosive; can burn the eyes, skin, and lungs and is a respiratory irritant.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES) -Found in dish soap, liquid laundry detergents, cleaning towelettes, and toilet bowl cleaners (as well as sudsy cosmetics). Traces of 1-4 dioxin have been found, a possible human carcinogen.

Triclosan- Found in dish soaps and disinfectants, as well as a wide range of other household products. Look for it listed as an "active ingredient" in antibacterial products. Endocrine disrupts and hormone mimicker. Also, affects water life and ecosystems.

Trisodium nitrilotriacetate -Found in bathroom cleaners and possibly some laundry detergents (more common in industrial formulations). Possible human carcinogen and linked to metals found in fish and other wildlife.


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  1. I am new to this, your list is very helpful, thank you!
    Wondering if you have got any specific recommendations for cleaning tough grease (e.g. BBQ or oven racks)?

    1. Hi Kate,
      thanks for your note. For oven racks, I normally soak mine in the bathtub for about 30 mins with some baking soda, then create a paste with baking soda and a little bit of Castile soap, use a scrubbing brush to scrub all the grease off, then rinse. You can do the same for the BBQ, except for the soaking part. You can use a Castile soak and baking soda, then rinse outside.
      hope this helps,

  2. Awesome list of healthy cleaners! However, I noticed you didn’t include any probiotic (good bacteria) cleaning products on your list. You should take a look at Origen Clean. They’re using ULV fogging technology to spray healthy probiotics onto contaminated surfaces. 🙂