5 Fun Ways To Grow Your Own Food Even If You Don’t Have A Yard

Growing our own food must be one of the greatest blessings we have as human beings. The knowledge to plant, cultivate and grow the food we'll share on our dinner tables is pretty cool, here are 5 Fun Ways To Grow Your Own Food Even If You Don't Have A Yard.

My husband and I are in the process (well he is)  of building a greenhouse for our backyard. This is the look we are going for!

So cute right?

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It's so exciting and I will share how we do it in the upcoming months.

In my quest to improve my green thumb (right now it's black, I kill everything) I have been doing a ton of research on all the different ways people grow their own food and I'm sharing the top 5 with you!

1. Rooftop Growing

Is growing in popularity (yep I went there) in Canada.

The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto is all abuzz with the bees and hidden veggie garden.

For years now, they have been growing classic Mediterranean herbs in dozens of raised beds filled to the brim with fresh seasonal ingredients, they use in the kitchen.

Rooftops make the perfect place to grow food, they are flat and are perfect for pots of veggies and herbs like basil, rosemary or thyme! Make sure you water a lot!

Photo// Carrot City

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2. Allotment Growing

I love this, you are growing food and creating community, it's a beautiful thing! In Toronto, you see these community allotment gardens all over the place. You can get more info on how to start one yourself, just call 311 (in Toronto). Or click here.

They are such a great way to create a community around food and where it comes from.

Here is a screenshot of the map with all the community gardens in the GTA!


This one is located in the West End of Toronto, have a look at their story.


The best way to start one of these is to talk to your neighbours, you may make a few gardening buddies in the process.

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3. Wall Growing

Yep, you can do this too. Check out this YouTube channel I found for this very innovative growing system.

With the proper tools, you can build a wall of food and grow veggies like beans and cucumbers. Pick the sunniest side of your home, a fence can work or a garage.

4. Window Ledge Growing 

If you have a small space with a long narrow ledge, you can grow a herb garden with basil, thyme, green onions and even garlic.

This article outlines how you can do it. I mean how cool is this? And take a look at their Instagram page too.

5. Backyard Growing + Sharing 

If you love your neighbours this is a perfect way to grow. It's kind of like Community Shared Agriculture. You can either share your own yard or use a backyard that has been donated to the community. Cultivate Toronto has some great ideas on how to do this right!

Do you grow your own food? I'd love to know your story.


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