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Hi, welcome to The Eco Hub a premier online destination for conscious people —covering sustainable news, fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel, lifestyle and low waste living.

I’m Candice Batista the founder and editor in chief of The Eco Hub. I spilt my time between managing this website and working at CTV, where I am currently a senior producer overseeing the health and wellness section of the show. I am also on-air Eco Expert for The Marilyn and Your Morning. You can see a sample of some of  my work here. (link to press page). I’m live in Toronto, Canada where I live with my husband Bodhi and my two kitties, Bella and Buddy.  

I remember when I first began this eco-journey almost 20 years ago there was not a lot or reputable information on how to actually make more sustainable choices and after hosting and producing 6 eco-themed TV shows, I decided to start this website to help and educate  people on how to make simple, mindful choices that lead to a healthy home and planet. 

The Eco Hub is my life’s work and I am so proud of all the people that make it such a huge success. Thank you for being one of them, simply by stopping by. 
This website is a collection of my 20 years of experience, where I give you, my readers, tips and advice on how to navigate eco-friendly living. 

I believe that one person can make a difference and collectively we have the power to make the change needed to sustain us and the planet we call home. 

Charity means the world to me!

As a celebrity Ambassador for World Animal Protection, I work to end the needless suffering of animals, influence decision-makers to put animals on the global agenda, help the world see how important animals are to all of us and inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better. To make a donation and see the great work they are doing, please click here.

I also work closely with Nature Canada, as one of their Women For Nature Ambassadors, I help to raise awareness and work to permanently conserve and protect nature and conserve Canada’s land and waters and saving species from extinction.

Nature Canada aims to accelerate our positive impact on the natural world with the collaborative partnership of 150 women of influence. Women for Nature is the collaborative voices of Canadian women with vision – women of influence who chose to demonstrate their passion for nature and pass their values on to others to drive change.

More about The Eco Hub:

The Eco Hub is a digital media company founded by journalist Candice Batista. At its core is a website that connects conscious consumers to brands and companies that care about people and the planet.

Our goal is to empower Canadians to make informed and thoughtful decisions about the things they purchase daily. We believe that consumers have the power to drive large-scale environmental and social impact through their everyday purchases.

We make careful and informed decisions about the products and stories we feature here on The Eco Hub; we’ve done all hard work for you.

Our Brand Directory is a curated list of Canadian businesses that have been handpicked for you based on our Ecological Criteria.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you, our readers, with the resources you need to find chic, stylish, sustainable, affordable, made in Canada alternatives to everyday items.

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest in news, trends, healthy living and wellness and want you to live a healthy, mindful, gorgeous life without sacrificing a thing!


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