Animal Friendly Do’s And Don’ts For Family Day

Family Day in Canada is right around the corner, what have you got planned? Here’s a guide to Animal-Friendly Dos And Don’ts for Family Day. 

Whether you’re a fan of winter weather or more of a “stay inside and warm” sort of person, there are tons of options to keep you busy and enjoying an extra day off with your family.

We’ve put together a list of animal-friendly activities—and some not-so-friendly activities to avoid—that is fun for the whole family and can help keep little ones entertained… at least for a few hours.

DON’T see wildlife in unnatural conditions…

DO visit an art gallery or museum

So, you love animals and want to get out of the house without being out in the cold. Whether a dolphin in a tank or an elephant at a zoo, if the animals are not able to express their natural behaviours, they are likely suffering immensely. Wild animals belong in the wild; wouldn’t it be more interesting to learn about animals in their natural habitats?

a group of kids sitting on cushion on the floor
Monika Kozub

Instead, treat your eyes to a museum or art gallery exhibit! Bonus points to kids who can spot animals featured in the artwork.

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DO volunteer at a local animal shelter

Maybe art galleries aren’t your thing. Instead, you could call up a local animal shelter and see if there are volunteer opportunities that you can take on as a family. Cheer up some animals waiting for their forever homes!

DON’T attend a live animal presentation with wild species…

DO watch a movie or documentary about animals

We’ve all heard about live animal presentations stopping by the local mall or community centre. Did you know that handling wild animals poses health risks for you, the kids and the animal? Being held and passed around all day can cause a lot of stress for animals, and direct contact with wild animals can make you sick. It’s best to leave wild animals in the wild, and you can help encourage that by not taking part in these interactive presentations.

Instead, watch a documentary or movie about animals. There are lots of options on streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime if you’re up for a marathon.

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DO take a day trip to see animals in the wild

Living in Canada, we have the wonderful advantage of sharing a home with so many different animal species. Take a drive to a national park or campsite for the day and keep an eye out for wildlife. Just be sure to keep a safe distance at all times and avoid getting too close to or taking selfies with the animals!

DON’T eat animal products for the day…

DO prepare a plant-based meal

The science has spoken: eating less meat is better for your health, animals, and the planet. Not only is intensive factory farming horrifically cruel for animals, but it is one of the leading causes of climate change and deforestation.

Instead of eating animal products on Family Day, use the extra time together to prepare and enjoy a plant-based meal. There are thousands of recipes available for free online, and it could even become a weekly tradition for your family!

Tip: make your Family Day even more eco-friendly by taking public transportation together, or going plastic-free for the day.

Got any other animal-friendly activities planned for Family Day? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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