Animal Mom-inspired, Eco-friendly Activities For Mother’s Day!

Many moms in the animal kingdom have incredible nurturing instincts that allow them to protect, care for, and raise their young in all sorts of environments. With Mother’s Day weekend fast approaching, we’re sharing some eco-friendly, family-fun activities inspired by animal moms for you and the special women and girls in your life.

Go on a photography treasure hunt with your herd

Raising a baby elephant is no easy task, so mother elephants will often live together in herds, raising their children cooperatively. As a herd, they work together to protect the young ones from harm, surrounding them with a protective wall when there is a threat of danger and sacrificing their own safety if necessary.

Did you know that each herd is led by a matriarch? Usually, she is the oldest and most experienced female in the family. A good matriarch will use her knowledge to serve the herd which includes helping the females to become good mothers for their children.

Plan a photography treasure hunt at the park with your herd! Invite your mom, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and see who can take the most photos of the items on the treasure hunt list in two hours. Consider including photos of a particular type of leaf or flower, a bicycle, a bird, or a squirrel.

Animal Mom-inspired, Eco-friendly Activities For Mother’s Day!

Provide an eco-friendly meal for your family like a mama bear

Bears are renowned for being great moms. Bear cubs are born blind, naked and vulnerable and often when the mother bear is hibernating. They will stay with their mother for several years as they grow, depending on her for their survival.

Mama bears ensure that their cubs are fed, and go out searching for food for them. This Mother’s Day, do like a mama bear and make a meal with your mom, daughters, or special women in your life. Keep it sustainable by sourcing organic ingredients, avoiding plastic packaging, and using humane products. If you’re up for a real challenge, try making a 100-km meal: use only ingredients grown and harvested within 100km of your home.


Explore like whales and go on a hike or bike ride with your family

A true big mama, humpback whale mothers stay close to their calves as they grow, often touching flippers in what appears to be a gesture of affection. These mothers nurse their young for nearly a year, and their calves don’t stop growing until they are ten years old.

Keep your family close on a bike ride or hiking adventure around local parks or trails this Mother’s Day weekend. If you have young children, you can take the opportunity to teach them about kind and environmentally friendly travel, too.


Animal Mom-inspired, Eco-friendly Activities For Mother’s Day!

Be a spot-on teacher for your family

Did you know that cheetah cubs are born without any survival instincts? This means that their mother needs to be on hand to teach them all that they need to know. Cheetah mothers can have four to six cubs in any litter, so this is no easy feat. These moms will spend up to two years teaching their cubs how to survive in the wild, including lessons in hunting and avoiding predators.

Humans don’t need to learn to survive in the wild the way that cheetahs do, but there is a lot to learn when it comes to becoming more independent. Help your family embrace independence when it comes to food security by teaching them to plant a garden!

There are lots of vegetables you can either plant outside in May or start seedlings to plant a few weeks later to keep the fun going. The best part: you can continue caring for your plants throughout the summer, watch them grow, and eat the delicious results of your hard work at the end of the summer.

Top it off with the perfect gift

Looking to add a gift to your fun Mother’s Day plans? Get the special woman in your life a gift that protects animal families around the world. World Animal Gifts are symbolic and eco-friendly, making them perfect for the environmentally-conscious. Browse the catalog here.


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