Another Canadian Green Beauty Brand I Simply Love! (and you will too)

I get to try so many awesome products and I am always so happy to share them with you, Lifance is another Canadian Green Beauty Brand that I was recently introduced to.

Two reasons I love this brand, efficacy of the products and the commitment from the woman behind the brand, Shannon Lifance.

Shannon is the real deal; she was inspired to create a luxurious and natural skincare line following an 11-year struggle with an autoimmune condition that destroyed her bladder.

Now, she spends her time formulating healthy products infused with the most efficacious ingredients that nature has to offer. Ingredients that are potent, powerful and often not commonly seen in natural skincare.  LIFANCE is anything but basic.

“It is important for us to overwhelm our formulas with ingredients with results-oriented properties!  We source ingredients from sustainable and cruelty-free, cosmetic grade ingredient suppliers in Canada and the USA. My goal was to formulate concentrated, clean and cruelty-free skincare focused on anti-ageing”, Says Shannon.

The range of products are all formulated for the face and each offer something tailored to your skincare needs.

I’ve been using the following and can say all of them have done wonders for my skin!

REVITALIZE Peptide Day Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

Formulated with: Acai Berry Oil + Orange Blossom Peptides + Nano size Hyaluronic Acid + Pomegranate Extract.

a bottle of Lifance Cream

This cream is heaven on my face! The scent, soft, subtle and so pretty.  It’s super lightweight and absorbs quickly. It’s affordable because a little goes a long way. My complexion is healthy, dewy and refreshed.

Botanical Peptide technology from Orange Blossom is great for overall complexion and smoothing and fine liens.

Acai SuperFruit [cold pressed], which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and prevents free radicals. And the crème de la crème would have to be the presence of Hyaluronic acid. I’ve got dry skin and it helped a lot. My skin feels smoother and more hydrated.

PURIFYING French Pink Clay Facial Mask

Formulated with: French Pink Clay + Kaolin Clay + Arnica + Probiotic + Squalane.

lifance Another-Canadian -Green- Beauty -Brand -I- Simply -Love

I love this mask! It’s like a detox treatment for my face! It left my skin and pores feeling clean and restored, with a definite glow thanks to the healing and protective qualities of arnica and squalene. My new go-to!

SHIELD Botanical Stem Cell & Cucumber Eye Cream

Formulated with: Blueberry Stem Cells + Cucumber Seed Oil + Blueberry Oil + Raspberry Oil + Shea + Apricot Oil.

a few bottle of Lifance Cream

This eye treatment targets visible signs of ageing with advanced Stem Cell ingredients with potent benefits that impart antioxidant, free radical protection, rich fatty acids and Phyto-nutrients necessary to protect this delicate skin.

This eye serum truly works. I usually use it at night before going to bed and literally within the very next day my undereye area looked brighter and more awake. I did not notice any of my usual darkness or puffiness. YAY!

The super-natural ICELANDIC Vitamin C Serum is my superhero product.

Shannon chose to formulate with “non-synthetics which means you won’t see Ascorbic Acid on a Lifance ingredient list.”

a bottle of Lifance Cream

Instead, you will find Acerola Cherry Bioferment, Prickly Pear Extract and Blackberry Oil in the formulation, all of which are potent in Vitamin C and are present in significant concentrations making them highly effective.

Naturally occurring Vitamin C boosts moisture content and collagen production, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and supple, improving skin tone.

It has an intoxicating scent, and like all of Lifance’s skincare, a little goes a long way!

I have fair, freckled skin that can get inflamed and this cream is perfect for my sensitive skin- lightweight yet super hydrating and with so many options of synthetic Vitamin C, I prefer the real versions found in powerful Botanicals that support a flawless, radiant complexion and bright skin.

This is now my everyday essential!

Getting to try new skincare brands is pretty exciting! And I am super happy to have been introduced to Shannon and her beautiful range of next-generation skincare.

Lifance is offering my readers 20% off, use the coupon Candice20. 

This post is generously sponsored by Lifance Skincare. I only share brands that I love and use and that I can stand behind. 

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