Libby Jeffrey

Libby Jeffrey is a culture junkie from Winnipeg, Manitoba. With a background in International Development, Libby is particularly interested in sustainable travel and how the North American lifestyle impacts the rest of the world. Exploring Canada whenever she can, one of Libby's favourite adventures was a 4-month long road trip spanning British Columbia, the Yukon, Quebec, and everything in-between.

Zero Waste Shopping Guide Quebec

Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Quebec

There is a lot to learn from what is happening with the Zero Waste movement in Québec. Here is our Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Quebec.

Zero Waste Shopping Guide Alberta

Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Alberta

Our provincial zero waste shopping guides continue to be super successful, here is The Eco Hub’s Guide To Zero Waste Shopping: Alberta

zero waste shopping Guide Ontario

Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Ontario

After the overwhelmingly positive response to the Zero Waste Toronto Guide, we’ve continued to scour the internet for businesses that can help you become a zero-waste savant! Here is The Eco Hub’s Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Ontario 


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