Kitchen Essentials

C is For Clean

So how are our cleaners different than my Grandmother’s? Her cleaners worked great, but they smelled like a fish and chips truck and came in a bucket. Ours smell great – like lavender, lime/ginger, or other great citrus scents and come in beautiful bottles with a little gingham bow on each of them. But what is the same about our cleaners is that they started in the kitchen, they’re made with real ingredients (we put ours on our label), and that they do real cleaning.


LOVEFRESH was founded by Stacey Davis on the premise that you could have effective, all natural cleaning products that are good for you and the planet.  This new line of cleaning products, The Healthy Home and Cottage are affordable and better than any conventional cleaner on the market today.

Really Great Goods

Really Great Goods is all about simplicity; simplicity in ingredients and simplicity in life.  We bring you clean, safe products you can trust; always free of harsh chemicals and full of good vibes.  Essential oils are at the base of each of our products to incorporate real, plant based scents that promote wellness and smell really great.  We also highly value the environment and making products that are biodegradable and in earth friendly packaging.   

Timber Child

Choose a safer and healthier, non-toxic alternative to the regular plastic plates made for our kids today. Cute designs and different sections make meal time fun for everyone and are the perfect addition to your natural lifestyle!


Uashmama is a line of washable paper bags and goods that look and feel like leather, but wash and stand up to daily use with ease.

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