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The founding principle of Abeego is that it was designed to Keep Food Alive. Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. Our beeswax wrap protects food from air and moisture and light and lets it breathe just like nature’s lemon peel, onion skin, and cheese rind. Basically, we’ve replicated the way nature keeps your food fresh! These unique qualities make Abeego the perfect companion for all your fresh living food because when it’s wrapped in Abeego it won’t sweat, rot and suffocate like it will in an airtight wrap.

Credo Bags

Credobags coined the phrase “the next logical step”. To me, reusable bags are one of the first and easiest steps a person can take to fight overflowing landfills. I’m building a company that I can be proud of, imprinting my own unique eco-footprint. Helping consumers reduce their consumption of plastic is my mission. Believing that I can do it is my Credo.

Glass Sipper

Hand made in Canada with borosilicate glass. No BPA’s or nasty chemicals, these take glass straws to the next level with beautiful designs and functional styles.

OKO Creations

At Öko we believe in clever and cute products that help you care for the planet and your family. That’s why we make textile products for women and babies from high-quality, conscientiously sourced material that will not only last but are designed and manufactured in Canada. We strive to encourage families to live sustainable and zero waste lifestyles by providing alternatives to many single-use products.


Saponetti is Toronto’s first soap refill delivery service, offering the city guilt-free access to everyday use products like hand soaps, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and toothpaste.

The Edgy Moose Designs

Moving forward giving a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and tinfoil as part of kitchen essentials, using renewable natural resources like cotton and beeswax.

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Unwrapped Life

Unwrapped Life is about empowering you to live an earth-friendly, low-waste and plastic-free lifestyle all without compromising style and good hair days!

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