Beautifying Bathing Rituals To Get Us Through The Winer

The art of bathing is making a comeback and is something that can elicit total relaxation if you do it right. The bath gurus from Bathorium are sharing a few of their favorite bath rituals to help us get through these cold winter months…

Taking a bath to some may seem childish and outdated, but to me- it is a time to rejuvenate, restore and reflect. It’s a time where you can truly be present and reap the benefits that comes with an indulgent tub. A warm luxurious bath on a cold winter’s night is absolute bliss! So, start the tub and crack the wine. Let’s get started.

1. Prepping the tub- Nothing ruins a relaxing bath than the half squeezed bottles of Herbal Essence and rogue dried up razors. Remove all bath products from around the tub, and hide them. From there, give the tub a thorough rinse and remove any unnecessary towels, loofahs and kid toys. Tucking the shower curtain above or removing it entirely also helps create the mood.


2. Tub-Concoction- Choosing the right additives is crucial to creating the perfect tub. When your pores open due to warm temperature, they absorb. Bathoriums products are designed for just this- a beneficial bath. Our CRUSH soaks are loaded with essential oils, vegetable butters, clays, and salts- all designed to target different ailments:


3. The Accompaniments- Three crucial additions to any bath time; unscented candles, a glass of good wine and the perfectly curated music playlist.

Candles are a fantastic way to lightly illuminate the room when deep in a soak. My preference is unscented and woodwick, a great Canadian company is Coal and Canary… they are my fav! Try putting the candles in large hurricane vases to help deepen the glow.

Wine is my bath time go to libation! I go deep full-bodied merlot in the winter and light sauvignon blanc in the summer. What’s worse than needing a refill halfway through your bath, so make sure you bring the bottle with you.

Having the right music is key as well. Sometimes I’ll bring my iPad in to watch Netflix, but most of the time the soothing sounds of jazz and Norah Jones does the trick. At Bathorium- we’ve actually curated Spotify playlists that you can download here !

4. Digital Detox- As much as I love a good Instagram story in the tub (did it happen if it’s not online?) I prefer to keep the cell out of arms reach and on silent. Bringing a book into the tub is wonderful, just make sure to keep a dry cloth close by to dry your hands! Being in the bath is a great opportunity to try your hand at meditation. I like to close my eyes and think of what I am grateful for in my life. It’s a start!


Beautifying Bathing Rituals To Get Us Through The Winter

5. Post Bath Wind Down- Apres bath can make it or break it in my opinion. Typically I switch to a decaffeinated herbal tea and get cozy. Throw your bath towel or bathrobe in the dryer- makes getting out of the tub so much more enjoyable in winter months. I also prefer my face masks after the tub, that way I’m not rinsing halfway through.




Beautifying Bathing Rituals To Get Us Through The Winter

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