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CredoBags’s Story:

I looked out the window one day and spotted a plastic bag stuck in a tree. One small image, one huge problem – and so symbolic! From there it was a confluence of circumstances. That exact moment in time saw the launch of the iconic Anna Hindemarch bag emblazoned with “I am not a plastic bag”. I’ve always been entrepreneurial but had taken time off to raise my two daughters. As they grew more independent, I felt ready to branch out and I noticed something missing from the marketplace. Although reusable bags were coming onto the scene, there were no reusable produce or bulk bags. I developed my own locally made fabric imitating a plastic onion bag, but in sustainable organic cotton. I manufactured in Montreal, capitalizing on years of experience in the garment industry. That was 2008 and I’ve never looked back.

Personally and professionally, I try to live my best life with intention and mindfulness. I do this by combining a love for manufacturing and ethical products that are sustainable. I do this locally to support my community, constantly developing new products that are thoughtful and gentle on the planet, but at the same time highly functional and reusable.  Credobags coined the phrase “the next logical step”. To me, reusable bags are one of the first and easiest steps a person can take to fight overflowing landfills. I’m building a company that I can be proud of, imprinting my own unique eco-footprint. Helping consumers reduce their consumption of plastic is my mission. Believing that I can do it is my Credo.

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