Ecological Criteria

Encircled’s Story

Our direct to consumer eCommerce model and small-batch, local Canadian production allows us to offer sustainable clothing at a competitive price point. From a design perspective, we focus on creating in two key categories – timeless basics and versatile must-haves. Our timeless basics are well-loved, classic silhouettes upgraded using superior fit, high-quality construction details and sustainable fabrics. Our versatile must-haves explore the idea of wardrobe transformation by literally changing in shape or style, converting from one silhouette to another, offering endless options for your wardrobe. Inspired by the founder’s love of travel and dislike for checking a bag, she created a capsule collection of pieces that work together. Encircled wants to not only allow you to pack lighter, but we aim to encourage you to live a more simplified, minimalist lifestyle focused on the mantra that less is more.


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