Overnight Oats packed with nutrition!

Are you too busy in the morning to cook or make a nutritious breakfast? Are you being pulled in a million different directions? These Overnight Oats packed with nutrition will help! 

I get it. Mornings can be tough. You’re trying to get dressed, prepare lunches, get the kids ready, get Fido to poop already and make sure you kiss the hubs goodbye (hopefully).

Some mornings I am lucky enough to get out the door with a tea in hand. Then I get to work and am hangry and roam around the cafeteria trying to make a nutritious choice, but those chocolate chip muffins are starting back at me, calling my name. Can you relate?

So what’s a busy girl boss to do? Well, planning ahead is the first thing to tackle, if you can get it done the night before, do it.

ingredients for Overnight oats

How to make Overnight Oats packed with nutrition!

You also need a really fast, easy, nutritious recipe right?

The concept of overnight oats kinda grossed me out when I first read about it, I don’t like soggy food and the few that I made and tried were just that.

So I’ve been experimenting a bit and have come up with a fabulous recipe. These overnight oats are so easy to make, 5 minutes tops to prepare and they are delish!


One of the healthiest grains on the planet (make sure they are organic)
Excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants
They are a good source of carbs and fiber, including the powerful fiber beta-glucan
So good you can even put them on your skin

ingredients for Overnight oats

Chia Seeds

Packed with a decent amount of Zinc, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Potassium, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and Vitamin B2
Loaded with fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients
Almost all of the carbohydrates in chia seeds are fiber

Organic (grass-fed) plain yogurt

Let’s chat a bit about yogurt, shall we? I try to buy organic 100% of the time, I know it’s expensive but I look at it as an investment in my family’s overall health. Organic means there is a lower risk of contaminated feed and the nutrients are higher too. But, organic does not guarantee that the cow has/had a good life in a grassy pasture.

Labels are so confusing and misleading, it drives me crazy that companies are allowed to use terms like “natural” or “pasture-raised”, even if the animal spends little to no time outdoors. Argggg!! The same goes for grass-fed. You need to look for labels that say “100% grass-fed”. If you are not sure, talk to the grocer or better yet, visit your local farmer’s market and talk directly to the farmer.

If you are lactose intolerant, I highly recommend you give goat’s yogurt a try. It’s unbelievably nutritious and causes less inflammation in the gut.

ingredients for Overnight oats

Coconut Milk

One of the best sources of lauric acid (which can improve cholesterol and heart health)
Packed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), fatty acids found in coconut milk that increase energy expenditure and help enhance physical performance

Buy coconut milk that is “cold-pressured” (basically means it’s been lightly heated and processed). Always pick organic and avoid any coconut milk (or water) that has added flavours, sweeteners, colours or other crapola! oh and unsweetened is the way to go ladies. Who needs the extra sugar?


High in antioxidants
High fiber content
Low glycemic index
Helps digestion
Is a SUPERFOOD baby!

ingredients for Overnight oats

The full recipe for Overnight Oats packed with nutrition!

  1. Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix well
  2. Transfer to jars and refrigerate overnight
  3. Serve with an extra dollop of yogurt and more fresh berries


Busy Girl overnight oats The Eco Hub Candice Batista

What’s your go-to breakfast?

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