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Looking to vote in favour of climate action? It’s not too late to get informed before early voting starts Oct. 11th, 2019, Here is a look at  Canada’s Elections 5 resources to navigate environmental platforms!

Although Monday’s leadership debate allowed an opportunity to get a sense of the character of the leaders, debates also muddy the waters of what is actually being promised by each party. There’s a lot more to an issue than the minutes allotted for an open debate and some misinformation ends up left unclarified. These resources will help you to get more context on the environmental platforms and form your own opinion!

For the person who wants the big picture:

Check out the Party Lines Podcast: Who really (truly) cares about climate change? CBC Journalist Rosemary Barton and Elamin Ebdelmahmoud (Buzzfeed) banter weekly about the inner workings of the upcoming Federal Election. In this episode, the first 15 minutes contextualizes each of the parties’ platforms (or non-existing platforms) concerning climate change, especially in the aftermath of the Climate Strikes on Friday, Sept 27. Clever, concise and well worth a listen! 

For analysis from environmental experts:

To dig deeper into the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Green platform on climate action, Macleans: The best and worst federal party climate plans graded is a good place to start. Co-written by an environmental economist and an atmospheric scientist, this article contextualizes the worldwide impacts of climate change, Canada’s GHG emissions and the value of plans with ambition versus a plan’s feasibility. 


To find out what Canadians think about climate change and government intervention:

In July 2019, 2000 Canadians were selected to be surveyed on their concern about climate change, the solutions presented, and the actions/interventions that should be taken. The report provided by Abacus Data breaks answers down into age ranges, gender, province, level of education and more in an easily understood visual graphs. 

To read environmental platforms directly from the Parties themselves:

Fourteen leading environmental organizations including Eco-Justice, Greenpeace, WWF, CPAWS and the David Suzuki foundation created a 10 question survey for the 6 federal parties in the upcoming election. The survey provides the parties’ responses, including the blanket response the Conservative party provided in lieu of completing the survey itself. 

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“Today I am working inside at a hospital, and everyone around me is wearing masks because of the smoke that has engulfed our city this week. The sight of our city’s buildings being disappeared by wafts of grey is truly surreal and terrifying. For the first time in my life, I regret having a child. I regret profoundly that I have given life to someone who has innocently inherited the damage that has come before her. I have guilt for the challenges that she will face in her lifetime as a result of the carelessness of past generations. I feel deeply responsible for not talking louder, fighting harder and devoting more time to what is the paramount cause in our history, but all I can do now is insist that more has to be done to resolve our country’s environmental state.” – Felicia Hospital worker, mom, student and deeply concerned citizen People from communities throughout Canada are telling us why they plan to vote for climate action this fall. Check out their stories via the link in our bio. #WhyWeVote

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Among the questions in the survey:

  • Will you immediately legislate a climate plan that will reduce Canada’s emissions in line with keeping warming below 1.5°C?”
  • “Given our plastic pollution and waste crisis, will you work with other levels of government to implement a national strategy that includes a ban on the production, sale and distribution of the most problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics, and that works to create a circular economy focused on reuse?” 

To see a climate strategy, and compare it to the party of your choice:

Environmental Defence has put together bullet points on the ideal climate strategy (short version and long version), and you can take a look for yourself to see which parties level up to what you think is most important. 

At the end of the day, you are your own vote! 

Bonus: take action! Take two minutes to sign this petition for climate action, environmental protection and indigenous rights. 


Libby Jeffrey

Libby Jeffrey is a writer and hosts a podcast, Travelling Minds in Winnipeg Manitoba. With a degree in International Development, Libby loves to explore subjects including sustainability, travel, and waste with The Eco Hub.
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