The Eco Hub’s Canadian Ethical Shopping Guide: Summer Dresses

It’s finally here eh!

The Eco Hub’s Canadian Ethical Shopping Guide: Summer Dresses!

Over the last few months I have been researching and compiling a list of Canadian brands that I think you will love and over the next few months, I’ll be sharing my shopping guides, making it easy for you to find top-notch ethical brands from Canada.

The reason why I am doing this? Well, because it costs a lot of money to purchase items online and have them shipped here from the USA, Australia or Europe.

 I recently bought a dress from a favourite Australian shop, it was $205 US dollars, with the exchange rate it was closer to $250 Canadian, but the biggest issue was the duty and taxes I had to pay when it arrived,  which was another $104, so the dress ended up costing me a small fortune. It’s gorgeous, but I won’t be doing that again!

 A lot of my readers here on The Eco Hub have complained of the same issue, they want to buy ethical clothing, but it costs a lot to get it here! Not anymore!

Canada has a lot to offer and I am thrilled to introduce you to some of the brands I love! 

We start the series off with The Eco Hub’s Canadian Ethical Shopping Guide: Summer Dresses!


[all pics courtesy the brand’s websites]





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