Canadian Ethical Shopping Guide: Sustainable Activewear

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Ethical workout brands are on the rise and since active wear has become an integral part of every fashion girl’s wardrobe we’ve rounded up the ultimate guide to workout gear in our Canadian Ethical Shopping Guide: Sustainable Activewear. 

All of them offer a wide range of workout wear for women of all sizes.

Brands featured in this post:



Franc Wear 

Inner Fire

Karma Athletics 



Public Myth 


Loko Sport 

LovBrid Designs




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Do you want to add to our Canadian Ethical Shopping Guide: Sustainable Activewear? If we’ve missed anyone share in the comments below.



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  1. Some of these brands use recycled plastic in their clothing. One (Stika) specifically says they have eliminated that material from their product line due to these very reasons. There is nothing ethical or sustainable about that as they shed microfibers that are released during washing, and then go on to pollute our lakes, streams and oceans. Also, they end up in the landfill anyways after someone is finished with them.

    1. Thanks for your comment, ALL synthetic materials release microfiber into the wash. There are many factors that dictate whether a brand is ethical or sustainable, one of them being how they pay their workers. There are no perfect solutions, there are better choices period.

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