Cost Vs. Save: PineSol Vs. All-Natural Cleaners!

Cost Vs. Save: PineSol Vs. All-Natural Cleaners!

In this new series, I take a look at specific products and compare them based on the financial cost and the cost to the environment. Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s get a close-up on the savings to your wallet AND the environment by going green!

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The idea is to show the math regarding which one is more sustainable. I’m tired of hearing that sustainable products cost more, and of course, I want to hear from you, leave in a comment at the end of this blog.

We start with PineSol vs. All-Natural Cleaners!

COST- PineSol

Financial Cost: 1.41 L for $4.48 (0.32cents/100ml) of Pine-Sol

Environmental Cost: PineSol is not required to list all of its ingredients, so some details are elusive. According to Environmental Working Group, the ‘cleaning agent’ is known to impact aquatic toxicity after going down the drain. Another ingredient, ethoxylated undecyl alcohol is again an issue for aquatic toxicity, but also made from ethylene oxide and 1,4-Dioxide, which are known for having developmental, reproductive, and respiratory effects.

SAVE- All-Natural Cleaner (DIY or purchased)

Financial Cost of DIY: 4 litres of vinegar at $1.97 (0.04 cents/100ml), and warm water.

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Financial Cost of Purchased: Dr. Bronners is an all-purpose concentrate (18 different ways to use it!), and costs $18.48 for 946 ml. For floor cleaner, each 60 ml of Dr. Bronners should be mixed with 946 ml of water. That means 946 ml of Dr. Bronner’s concentrate will amount to a total of 15L of floor cleaner. The total cost per 100 ml of floor cleaner is $0.12!  

3 Environmental Bonuses:

1- Mix cleaner with water for a customized dilution strength.

2- Avoid toxic chemicals in the drain and in your home

3- no adverse side effects! 

Total cost save: By going green, you can save from 0.20 to 0.28 cents per 100ml, AND the natural options have many more uses than just floor cleaning… extra convenient!

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What do you think, will you make the switch based on this? I’d love to hear from you.

which is greener pinsol vs all-natural cleaners

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