The Complete Kitchen Detox Guide

Hello, I am so excited to share this eBook with you. Keeping your home clean naturally is the first step to keeping it healthy. This 24-page book is packed full of the information you need to create a non-toxic kitchen and break up with toxic chemicals for good.

From cleaning DIY recipes to shopping as an Eco-Conscious consumer, I’ve covered everything you need to easily convert your kitchen (and your home) into a toxin-free environment.

The health benefits are tremendous, and I encourage you to take the steps I describe in this book to living a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The Complete Kitchen Detox Guide by The Eco Hub Canada
Table of Contents for The Complete Kitchen Detox Guide eBook

What’s Inside

Book Contents

  • Practical tips on how to detox your kitchen
  • How to read product labels including 14 toxic chemicals to avoid in cleaning products and how to spot them
  • How to be an eco-conscious consumer when shopping
  • How to avoid greenwashing
  • How to dispose of toxic cleaners properly
  • A compressive list of green cleaning products we love and recommend
  • 5 DIY recipes that you will not find anywhere else
  • Helpful resources to get you started and learn more
  • Fillable worksheet that makes it easy to start your transition


  • A step-by-step checklist
  • Homework
  • Printable labels