The Eco Hub’s

Ecological Criteria

We will strive to answer these questions:


Is the product made in Canada? If it’s a Canadain company but the materials are sourced overseas, is it ethical? If the item is made in Canada, are the resources used to make it locally sourced?


Is the product recycled or up-cycled?  Is the item certified organic? Were animals harmed in the making (cruelty-free)?  Are there any animals or animal by-products in the item (vegan)? Are the items ethically produced?


Are the people making the products being paid fairly for their work? Are workers rights taken into account?

*Companies must meet at least 3 of our criteria to be featured in our brand directory. All brands have been vetted by us, these are brand we use and love.


Made In Canada means you are opting for premium goods, supporting the local economy, creating jobs, and lowering the carbon footprint by buying items that are made in Canada.


“Locally sourced” refers to food and other products that are grown or produced, processed and then sold within a certain area.



Anything that has been made from already existing materials, fabrics, metals or fibers.




Companies have a third party certifications with an emphasis on the protection of wildlife and the environment. Pesticides are restricted, artificial chemicals and GM crops are banned.


Products are manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.




Products contains absolutely no animal resources.





Environmentally considerate practices which inflict minimal or no harm on the natural environment.



Reasonable work hours, no child labor, the right to unionize, a fair living wage, environmentalism, and social policy in areas related to production of goods are taken into account.

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