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Glass Sipper’s Story

Our glass straws came from a Vancouver-based company called Glass Sipper. Founder and glass artist extraordinaire Aimee Promislow started creating the straws because her youngest child refused to drink anything unless he was using a plastic straw.

Promislow was searching online for something to hold the copious amounts of plastic straws around her house when she stumbled upon an image of a glass straw. Being a glass artist by trade, Promislow started creating her own glass straws with an adorable twist.

Each straw is handmade with a design of your choice – or, if you’re not into cute designs, you can purchase plain glass straws.

Brand Showcase


The Eco Hub

The Eco Hub is Canada's premier online lifestyle and news publication devoted to all things sustainability. Founded by Environmental Journalist Candice Batista, it is known for its impeccable reporting and trend-spotting on the green living beat. Since The Eco Hub's establishment in 2016, it has become Canada's number 1 resource for natural wellness, green beauty, ethical fashion, low-waste living, environmental news, and more. This year, The Eco Hub is proud to announce that their online work has earned the distinction of Honoree in the 24th Annual Webby Awards.
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OKO Creations

At Öko we believe in clever and cute products that help you care for the planet and your family. That’s why we make textile products for women and babies from high-quality, conscientiously sourced material that will not only last but are designed and manufactured in Canada. We strive to encourage families to live sustainable and zero waste lifestyles by providing alternatives to many single-use products.


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