Natural Remedies To Help You Through The Holidays

The holidays are among us, and so are a stream of events, sweets and treats, and more. This time of year also presents a great opportunity to re-focus on the green wellness in an attempt at balance. This year, why not consider trying Homeopathy over the Holidays?

Here are Natural Remedies To Help You Through The Holidays

What we consume and put on our skin has an effect on ourselves and the environment. The adage, “What goes in, must come out” rings true when considering medications like antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, which make their way into our waterways and natural environments.  Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources (plants, minerals) and are both environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Homeopathy has worldwide influence: over 200 million people use Homeopathic remedies regularly. Particularly popular in Europe, India, Brazil, and Mexico, you may have also started to notice it at your local drugstore here in Canada.

Meet Paula, a Practitioner of Homeopathy

Paula studied homeopathy at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, a school that is approved by the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. This regulatory body requires CCHM to deliver the highest standard of Homeopathic education, covering anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, physical examination, pathology, nutrition, and homeopathy. Paula chooses homeopathy because she can offer an opportunity to “not only find a remedy and heal what ails you, but to engage in a journey that promotes self-awareness, self-love, and self-care”. 

Here are Natural Remedies To Get You Through The Holidays.Photo: Unsplash

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy naturally stimulates the body’s innate process of finding balance (also known as homeostasis). For example, instead of counteracting sniffles with a decongestant that dries you up, a remedy will stimulate the immune system to expel mucus, to get through a cold faster and more effectively working through the sniffles, boosting your immune system in the process. It’s a boot camp for when your body is suffering and not performing at its’ peak potential.

Homeopathy is safe for anyone to use, with no contraindications with other therapies or conditions. There are no side effects so it’s a low-risk way to naturally stimulate healing and improve your general wellbeing. Remedies are selected based on like cures like, for example, coffea cruda is made from coffee and often recommended for sleeplessness due to an overactive mind.

When consulting a Homeopath about your health, the conversation is holistic: focusses on all aspects of your symptoms (questions may be regarding moods, types of aches and pains, sensitivities etc). The objective is to identify symptoms and find one remedy that addresses all of your symptoms and acts as a catalyst for healing.

The holiday season is among us. What do you see in your patients at this time of year?

The first is definitely stress-induced cold and flu, because patients are too busy, worried about money, eating poorly, and working hard. Even I have fallen into that trap before. Another symptom I typically see is Seasonal Affective Disorder. Some people have very severe SAD, which hits them hard in the early fall.  When I start seeing patients in the fall, I get feedback like ‘it didn’t come as early this year and it wasn’t as severe’, which is exactly what I want to hear: the benefit of homeopathy is that by stimulating your innate healing, symptoms initially stop consuming you as much and in the long term your susceptibility to the illness is reduced.  Last but not least, a lot of clients are dealing with the overindulgence of the season, either acute symptoms or flare-ups of chronic conditions like intestinal issues, skin flare-ups, mood shifts.

Here are Natural Remedies To Get You Through The Holidays.Photo: Unsplash

Our readers love to DIY. Can someone do their own homeopathic treatment? What are some tips?

Absolutely. I love it when people are inspired to start homeopathy at home!

We’re very used to existing with our ailments until they are unbearable, so I really encourage people to see anything that happens to them an opportunity to heal. Since Homeopathy has no side-effects, is natural and non-toxic, it is a  great wellness practice to start at home.

Pay attention. A good place to start with DIY Homeopathy is to pay attention to your body. Take note of the first symptoms of the cold. If something feels off, note it down. Why is this happening? What do I need? By paying attention, clients can identify their symptoms, and either identify a remedy that may help or realize that they don’t need a remedy at all! Maybe you need to not go to the party, or increase your water intake. It’s a possibility to hit pause and make better choices or consider doing something for yourself.

Build your homeopathic kit slowly. You can buy a full kit, but there can be a lot of remedies and it can be overwhelming. A great way to get your feet wet is starting with one remedy in order to get used to using homeopathy.  Over time, you can build up a whole pharmacy based on your needs and keep it forever since their effectiveness does not lapse over time.

Start with a friend. Sharing remedies with a friend can help to have a kit with more selection, and give you someone to talk to about the process of finding remedies that work for you. Learning homeopathy alongside someone allows the opportunity to learn together.

What are a few essential remedies for the holidays?

Here are Natural Remedies To Get You Through The Holidays.Photo: Unsplash

For bumps, bruises, trauma and falls: Arnica. This is a great remedy to start your homeopathy journey with instead of going to an anti-inflammatory for aches and pains. Perfect for slips on the ice, concussions, any kind of trauma like new activities that cause your body to ache (spontaneous tobogganing and skating, anyone?).

For overindulgence: Nux Vomica: This is the overindulgence remedy for all of the ‘too much’ at this time of year!  Any symptoms that come on after drinking too much, eating too much, not enough sleep, studying too hard for exams.

For flu: Oscillococcinum. Take it at the earliest signs of your flu, every 6 hours. Caught early, it will either kick it or reduce the intensity/duration of it.  Again, it helps your body move through it faster and more effectively. Take it once a day if your flu symptoms are already fully established.

You can take any remedy preemptively.  For example, if you know you’re going to a Christmas dinner, or that you’re going skating and your ankles usually end up sore, you can take the remedy before and after.

What 3 Homeopathy resources would you recommend for a beginner?

The Parents Guide to Homeopathy by Shelley Keneipp covers everything from cold and flu to first aid to travel ailments and more.  A book is a great place to start understanding how to select remedies.

Joette Calabrese provides many free, practical resources on how to navigate homeopathy and get started quickly.  

Contact a homeopath! This is a great way to discover what remedies may be best for you at the outset, then you can expand on it from there. 

Here are Natural Remedies To Get You Through The Holidays.

Editor’s Note: Please consult your doctor health care practitioner before beginning any new health regime or taking any of the supplements or recommendations in this article.

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