Plastic is everywhere, we simply can’t avoid it, It’s bad for us and bad for the planet, Here’s How To Clean Your Kitchen Without Toxins!

There are places in the home where you can reduce your plastic use which will ultimately reduce your overall footprint. The kitchen is a good place to start!

cleaning a jar with the original reusable paper towel

I have not used a paper towel in my home for almost 18 years now. I don’t miss it at all.
I’ve used everything from old t-shirts to microfiber cloths to clean my home and was recently introduced to a paper towel alternative called The Original 100% Biodegradable Reusable Paper Towels.

These Reusable Paper Towels are made from the same type of cellulose fibres that are used to make paper towels. But with a big difference.

Reduce Your Waste
Paper Towels – whether or not they are made from recycled paper or old phone books are disposable. Paper towels end up, after a single use, in the trash! From there, used paper towels end up in already crowded waste disposal sites.

Kitchen cleaning sponges on a sink

Save Our Forests
Cutting down trees for single-use, disposable products, such as paper towels, is not a sensible or sustainable choice. Information is readily available on the web and in the public domain regarding the enormity of the consumption of paper towels.

Each Towel is reusable – machine washable, dishwasher safe and equal to up to 15 rolls of paper towels, it is the sensible, sustainable choice.

·         Machine washable – up to 300 times.
·         Dishwasher Safe – top drawer.
·         Absorbs 20x its weight.
·         Each towel is equal to up to 15 rolls of paper towels.
·         Can sterilize by boiling
·         100% biodegradable in active microbial soil within 12 weeks.
·         Comes in a handy, resealable bag.

holding a package of the original reuseable paper towel

Unique Features:
The towels come in 3 task-oriented colours:
·         blue for all-purpose
·         yellow for kitchen
·         green for tub ‘n tile

The sponge is 100% biodegradable and will disintegrate 100% in active microbial soil within 12 weeks. The fiber is not biodegradable. However, it is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester waste which source is recycled soft drink & water bottles.

Environmental Advantages:
Unlike certain competitors, no formaldehyde resins are used in our fiber, only water-based resins. Consider the millions of plastic bottled consumed every year for a single-use.  It’s a waste of natural resources and money. Consider the resources employed to feed that consumption. It’s about re-directing our draw on resources to reusable, recycled materials.  It’s about changing about the consequential environmental footprint.

These are by far one of my top kitchen items. Find them here



This post is sponsored by The Original 100% Biodegradable Reusable Paper Towels. I only work with brands I know, love and use in my home. 

Candice Batista

Candice Batista is an award winning Environmental Journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. Her career spans national and international media outlets, where she has used her background in environmental studies and media & communications to produce and report on various environmental and climate issues for primarily television and digital audiences including Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Weather Network, CityTV, Rogers Television, The Pet Network, iChannel, and CTV, where she is currently the National Eco Expert for the stations number 1 daytime talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show.
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