How A Pantry Audit Can Help You Reduce Waste

Paring back your pantry is a really great way to reduce waste and plastic packaging in your home, Here’s How A Pantry Audit Can Help You Reduce Waste.

In many cases, our pantries have become much like our closets. Where we have way too many items of clothing hanging in there that we never use and if you think about your pantry, it probably has a ton of spices, oils, and sauces in it that you have not used in ages and don’t plan on using either. 

The first thing I want you to do is to pull everything out of your pantry that’s in single-use plastic (like a pasta/rice bag) or cardboard packages or containers.  Take a photo of these items. It’s great to come back to it and see the progress you have made.

If you want to see what your pantry might look like if it were zero waste, you could empty some of the items that come in single-use plastic containers (like pasta or other dry goods) into glass jars. Make sure you dispose of that packaging properly.

Make a list of which items you could shop in bulk and then go online and look for bulk stores in your area. We are seeing these types of shops pop up all over the place. And I have an extensive list of zero waste tools, tips and shopping guides for your reference.

Decide what you can replace with bulk goods. For example, a lot of people drink milk. Milk comes in glass or cartons. Consider which is better for you. Can you reuse the glass bottle it comes in? Maybe you will decide to make your own almond or oat milk instead.

Ask yourself where your level of comfort is when it comes to consumption. Remember you don’t have to be perfect, these plastic-free living principles might help!

Shopping in bulk will help you save money and reduce food waste and if you store your items in glass jars you can actually see what you have. A lot of the time we have food in our cupboards that we can’t see. Even found an old bag of pasta half full and expired?

When you buy in bulk you only buy what you need.

Another major tip is to research your local area. The more you know about your neighbourhood the easier it will be to find stores that offer package-free options.

Consider a change in your diet. Packaged foods are higher in fat and sugar.

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