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Beauty retailers need to step up when it comes to their role in the climate crisis. Here’s a look at How Clean Beauty Retailers Are Addressing Sustainability.

Most beauty products come in plastic packaging mostly because this type of packaging is a good vehicle for the products inside and most people prefer to use plastic in the bathroom rather than glass because glass can break and if that’s happened to you, you know how much that sucks.

So plastic packaging in the beauty industry can be seen as a necessary evil. But Green Beauty pioneer The Detox Market is hoping to change the narrative with its new sustainability initiative.

Last week, they rolled out a 360-degree plan to tackle their impact. Called #EarthCPR they plan on planting 2.5 million trees by 2025 in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. Eden works directly with villages and communities suffering from extreme poverty resulting from the deforestation and destruction of the land that sustains them.

“The Earth CPR initiative is our sustainable roadmap to achieving our goals of being carbon negative, planting 1 million trees, and inspiring other brands to follow suit – all by 2025.” The Detox Market

They have also launched a collection of sustainable products that will focus on reusable items like face wipes and refillable options from makeup and cleaning.

“We’re rethinking everything from the way we receive shipments to how we can communicate more information regarding product packaging and formulations.” Romain Gaillard, Detox Market founder and CEO.



Recycling plastic beauty products can be challenging because there are many different types of materials that make up one bottle. The bottle itself is made from one type of plastic, the cap and pump another type, then there’s the plastic tube inside the bottle and the little metal spring, all of these items need to be separated for the bottle to be recycled properly.

To help this issue Detox Market is also adding TerraCycle to its seven stores. TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste. You will now be able to drop off your empties at any of their locations, even ones you did not buy there!

skincare products on a shelf in the Detox Market in Toronto


Other companies have certainly jumped onto the sustainability bandwagon. Elate Cosmetics offers consumers makeup packaged in reusable bamboo packaging.

“At Elate, we encourage our team and partners to ‘think outside the box’ to find creative solutions to the daily rituals we practice that may produce waste. With that attitude in mind, we are constantly working on developing new technologies and solutions that will allow us to close the gap and become a completely waste-free cosmetics company”

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding eyeshadows that you’ll actually wear anytime of day, year-round! We have created our new Capsule Beauty Kits to compliment your eye colour! Capsule Beauty Kit pictured: ‘Enlightened’ with Triumph Pressed Cheek Colour-best suitable for Green Eyes, however if you love these shades-add this kit to your makeup bag regardless of your eye color. Pressed EyeColours included in ‘Enlightened’: Soar: a matte cream tone highlight Ascend: a rich medium plum with a matte finish Beloved: a soft medium brown with pink hues Oracle: a versatile dark matte brown with warm hues Optional Pressed Cheek Colours: Brave: a soft medium pink with cool undertones. Triumph: a rich burgundy plum . . . #ElateCosmetics #ElateBeauty #veganbeauty #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #veganmakeup #vegancosmetics #capsulewardrobe #capsulecollection #capsulebeauty #capsulepalette #eyeshadowpalette #eyeshadow

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Eco + Amour a Toronto based beauty refillery boutique has partnered with eco-conscious brands to offer shoppers in the GTA a sustainable, refillable beauty, self-care and home care offering over 80 refill products + zero waste alternatives to help you ditch the single-use items. You can even buy raw ingredients to make your own products. 


These initiatives are wonderful to see but the green beauty industry is small and the volume of sales in comparison to retailers like Target and Walmart is tiny, so the impact – although good – is still not enough to have a significant impact.

We need to see these kinds of initiatives from massive retailers like Target, Walmart and Sephora and we need more innovation in this space from giants like Estée Lauder and L’Oréal.

We have an extensive database of zero waste resources for you here on The Eco Hub, including a province-wide zero waste shopping directory. 


Candice Batista

Candice Batista is an award winning Environmental Journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. Her career spans national and international media outlets, where she has used her background in environmental studies and media & communications to produce and report on various environmental and climate issues for primarily television and digital audiences including Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Weather Network, CityTV, Rogers Television, The Pet Network, iChannel, and CTV, where she is currently the National Eco Expert for the stations number 1 daytime talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show.
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