How The Pandemic Is Affecting Certain Animals Around The World

The coronavirus pandemic affects us all let’s take a closer look at How The Pandemic Is Affecting Certain Animals Around The World!

As the world remains largely in lockdown, our ways of life have been uprooted as we all look for the “new normal” and begin to identify a post-pandemic future.

Sadly, COVID-19 not only impacts our daily lives, but it has had a significant impact on animals. With people all over the world remaining at home and tourism being essentially non-existent, thousands of animals are at risk and need your help.

World Animal Protection Canada is raising funds to support animals in need around the world, from dogs, to elephants, to bears. Keep reading to learn more about how these animals have been affected and how you can make a big difference in their lives.

1. Street dogs have no one to look after them
In some communities around the world, stray dogs are more common and are cared for by residents who feed them and ensure they get medical help when needed. With fewer and fewer people venturing outside, street dogs are left extra vulnerable—so World Animal Protection stepped in.

How The Pandemic Is Affecting Certain Animals Around The World

In Brazil, 18 tons of dog food and five tons of cat food were provided to non-governmental organizations that directly help stray dogs and cats. In Thailand, a temple on the outskirts of Bangkok has had an influx of stray dogs in need of food. With over 300 dogs with nowhere else to go, World Animal Protection is planning to provide food to meet the nutritional needs of these dogs. You can help by giving a donation today.

2. Elephants in Thailand are at risk of starvation
Thailand has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with many tourist attractions empty. In turn, the tourism camps where elephants are kept have shut down, laid off thousands of staff, and are struggling to care for their over 2,000 elephants.
World Animal Protection is asking for your help to support dozens of elephants at high welfare camps.

How The Pandemic Is Affecting Certain Animals Around The World
Feb 09, 2020 – Koh Lanta, Thailand. Jahn at Following Giants. © Nicolas Axelrod / Ruom

Each elephant requires about 400kg of food per day. Since these elephants were raised in captivity, and cannot survive on their own, they rely on their carers to keep them fed and healthy. To make matters worse, areas of Thailand are experiencing drought, adding another challenge to obtaining enough food for the elephants.

Elephants should not suffer because of an industry that prioritized financial gain over regard for the animals.

3. Rescued bears in Romania may be in jeopardy due to the pandemic
Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Romania is a haven to 106 bears who were rescued from the cruel industry of wildlife entertainment. Operated by Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP), the sanctuary provides bears with an environment as close to the wild as possible where they can swim in pools, climb trees, stroll through oak forests and live peacefully.

How The Pandemic Is Affecting Certain Animals Around The World

Due to the global pandemic and significant drop in tourism to the sanctuary, Libearty operating costs have taken an unprecedented hit. With bears eating two tonnes of food each day, urgent support is needed to provide them with nutritious food and veterinary care they need to keep healthy and happy. Will you consider giving a gift to ensure these 106 bears don’t go hungry?

To help animals like dogs, elephants and bears during this difficult time, please consider making a donation to provide the urgent care and support these animals need at this time.

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