How To Create A Year Of Sustainable Style

Our good friend Sarah Peel at Citizenne has created one of the coolest guides we have see on How To Create A Year Of Sustainable Style, in this video Sarah explains exactly how to do it.

The Year of Great Style at the most basic level is a weekly wardrobe planner. But it’s got a cool twist — not only will it help you feel more organized every morning and save you money by “shopping your closet”, but it also helps you explore your personal style while building a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe. Using the three sections of the Year of Great Style (the Guide, Journal andPlanner) will help you reach your conscious style goal in a way that emphasizes creating habits and reflective learning, rather than overwhelming you with pressure to get it “right”.

We’re all unique, so there isn’t one correct way to build a stunning and ethical wardrobe, either!

Citizenne created a fun “personality quiz” to help you discover the most effective way to use the Year of Great Style.

Find out if you’re a Simplicity, Catalyst, Justice or Creativity Seeker, and how to use that knowledge to take your conscious style to the next level.

You can buy this amazing YEAR OF GREAT STYLE by clicking this link.

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