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We are so excited to share How To Live More Sustainably, Practical Tips from Top Bloggers with you.

The concept of living more mindfully seems to be on people’s minds more and more. Ethical fashion, zero waste living, shopping locally are all hot topics these days and that’s a really good thing. But if you are just starting your eco-journey, the task can seem a little daunting. So we reached out to some of our favourite Green Boss Ladies to ask them to share their top tips for living a more mindful life. These women are leading the charge and have been doing it for some time now.

Canadian Eco Fashion Designer Annie Thompson

Sustainable lIving Tips

1. Supporting LOCAL is the most sustainable and the most sensible sustainable practice right off the bat.  By buying locally you are supporting the local economy and local professionals needed to create the clothing designers you want to support
Also buying locally gives you a sense of security in knowing that the garment industry workers are working in good environments and being paid fair and equitable wages.

2. Read the labels on the garments. Research the companies that are making the products.
Find out how your clothes are being made and what the ethical practices are behind their manufacturing processes.  Support producers who use organic fabrics and fabrics that are preferably made close to home so that the carbon shipping footprint is minor.

3. Purchasing Decisions

Only purchase well-made garments and fashion accessories that you love and will get LOTS of wear out of rather than cheap and fast fashion that is throw-away and often ends up in a landfill. Long-lasting, hard-wearing clothing is sustainable in itself. Support great design and know the maker of your clothes! This gives your clothes meaning and makes them so much more pleasurable to wear. Clothing design is an art form which calls upon the precision and professionalism of many hands in each and every garment – designer, cutter, sewer, fitter, buttonholer, presser, quality controller, merchandiser, salespeople who know their goods…KNOW IT and SUPPORT IT

Green is the new black

Alden from EcoCult

Sustainable lIving Tips

1. Read and support good journalism. This is my first recommendation for anyone who wants to live more sustainably. To be a conscious consumer and citizen, you need to know what is going on in the world, what the latest science says, which companies are behaving badly and which companies are doing better. Journalists hold governments and corporations accountable, and they need your support. So subscribe to a local newspaper and a national one, sign up for Blendle, which gathers great journalism and charges you a few cents per article, and donate to non-profit publications such as ProPublica. The goal is to get fact-checked, well-researched news on sustainability.

2. Try a sustainability experiment. Take one month to try out some facet of sustainable living, be it zero-waste living, veganism, or a shopping fast. It’s an opportunity for you to give it your best shot, see what facets of it are possible for you and your lifestyle, and identify systemic challenges and blocks. For example, if you try going zero waste, you might discover that some parts of zero waste living are easy to do (bringing a reusable bag and water bottle everywhere), but composting is a real challenge because you have to bring your compost across town. From there, you can identify advocacy groups, nonprofits, and government entities working to solve that problem or start your own advocacy group in order to enlarge your positive environmental impact.

3. Move. The biggest decision you’ll ever make that affects your footprint is where you live. If you live in a big house in the suburbs, your footprint will have to grow, as you fill your house with objects, power and heat your big house, and then drive to and from your big house to live your life. Plus, living in a big house in the suburbs is shown to have a negative effect on your overall happiness. Long commutes make us more stressed, lonely, and unhealthy. And the size of your house doesn’t matter to your happiness, as much as its ability to help you foster strong social connections. So when your lease is up or you’ve saved up that down payment, choose a small home that is in a vibrant, walkable neighborhood with access to public transportation. You’ll be a happier, more sustainable human without even trying!

Lauren from  Zero Waste Memoirs 

Sustainable lIving Tips

1. Make living an eco-friendly lifestyle as convenient as possible. Have trouble remembering to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store? Keep one at the door, a couple in your car, and a stuff-sack option in your purse. Have a tendency to eat out? Carry a cloth napkin and a bamboo cutlery kit in your bag. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re prepared can’t be beaten!

2. Bring friends along for the ride. It’s so much easier to pursue a sustainable lifestyle when you have likeminded people doing it with you. Follow eco-focused Instagram accounts, be transparent about the changes you’re making in your life, and start making it a part of your identity. It’ll get easier over time!

3. Accept that even baby steps are steps in the right direction. I launched my 30-day Zero Waste Baby Steps Challenge because I wanted my readers to gain confidence on their journey toward zero waste. Every small step you take toward living more sustainably is valuable (besides, you can’t make this happen overnight). Start small, then ride the momentum. You’ve got this.

How great are their tips? 

Going green literally starts at home and now more than ever there are so many useful, safe, green options for you and your family. You don’t have to do it all at once, change takes time, we really want to stress that. People think going green means you have to change everything in your home all at once, you don’t.

Pick one area of your home and start there.

Practical Tips to live more sustainably, how to live more sustainably

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Do you have any practical tips to live more sustainably? Please share in the comments below.

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