How To Shop For Organic Bedding

This post is generously sponsored by LNBF, I only share the products I authentically recommend and use.

After a long day's work who does not want to slip between silky sheets that make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud? And, since we spend one-third of our entire life sleeping, it's probably a good idea to invest in sheets that are good for us and the planet, here's our guide on How To Shop For Organic Bedding.

I was first introduced to LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) over 5 years ago when my husband and I were in the midst of buying our first house.  We had the organic mattress and two sets of organic sheets that I found at HomeSense, but I wanted to find a duvet cover that matched our new headboard and of course, I wanted it to be eco-friendly.

More than that, I also wanted to find bedding that is minimally processed, high quality, luxurious and affordable.

With LNBF you can get cozy with the fact that all of their products are pure and free from harmful chemicals and the bonus is, you are supporting safe working conditions and having less of an impact in the environment.

We wrote about sustainable fabrics here and when it comes to bamboo it's definitely one of the best when it's produced properly.

LNBF prides themselves on this by using viscose made from bamboo. Their bamboo is produced in a closed-loop system, which ensures that 99.5% of the chemicals used can be captured and reused. 

Why does this matter? Large areas of the world's ecosystem have to suffer thanks to water and pesticide-heavy genetically modified cotton which uses up to 25% of the world's chemical insecticides. Not to mention child labour issues in countries like Egypt where kids are forced to work 11 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep up with the demand for high thread count in this part of the world.

I also LOVE the fact that the bamboo used by LNBF is grown with little irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers and can grow 10 times more material per acre than conventional cotton, leaving valuable land to grow crops for animals and humans. It's also certified organic by OCIA (The Organic Crop Improvement Association) and Oeko-Tex 100% certified.

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All of their products are thoughtfully designed in Canada and carefully produced in China, where the world’s best bamboo is sourced and spun into viscose. They partner with suppliers who value ethical practices for their workers. They regularly do third-party audits of their manufacturers to ensure that standards are kept. They make sure to produce just enough, and in the case where there is leftover fabric, they incorporate it into the next season’s collection to reduce waste.

I reached out to LNBF last year because I wanted them to be a part of our growing brand directory. I was thrilled to have them on board and in the process, I have been lucky to be introduced to other lifestyle products they carry and am sharing my thoughts with you in this blog post.

The Sheets are like heaven, even my husband (who is such a guys guy) commented on how soft they are and are they ever. The fact that they come in pink takes it over the top for me, it's my fav colour! I also feel pink and grey goes very well together. They are so breathable and beyond comfortable. You'll feel like staying in bed and snuggling up for sure.

The Duvet Set is by far my fav! The pattern, the colour, the feel, everything is simply divine. Duvet covers can be so expensive and this is super affordable. It's made with such care, you can see it in all the little details around the pillowcases and around the outside of the duvet, so elegant.

It's 400 thread count and I should mention both washed like a dream!

I always wash bedding and sheets separately from other items. I have learned over the years that you really need to follow the washing instructions to ensure your textiles last longer. I washed these on a cold cycle with an eco detergent and put them in the dryer on low heat, they came out like a dream!

To avoid ironing, I just make the bed as soon as the sheets come out of the dryer. (Pro Top, you're welcome)

You'll also want to avoid fabric softeners, they are toxic, they break down the fibers and are really unnecessary.

Let's talk about the towels, honestly, they are the best I have ever used. I feel like I am at a spa when I get out of the shower, they are soooo soft, plush and gorgeous. And who does not love white? They also wash really well, in cold water.

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The lounge pants are so cozy and relaxed, I've worn them casually and a little more jazzed up to thanks to the ankle cuff. Soft? Um hell yes!

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Oh and let's not forget about the PJ's, you will not want to take them off. They so are delicate, silky, breathable and feel really velvety on the skin.

Each piece, whether its the bedding or apparel is made with care.

Each night before bed I have a ritual of rubbing cream on my hands and feet and since I've been using the LNBF coconut oil and face towel, my skin has never felt better. I have the worst allergies at this time of year and have found the coconut oil to be a great (itch-free) alternative to my regular makeup remover. It's cold pressed which means it retains healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. Antioxidants help combat free radicals that cause cell damage in the body.

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I use it as a lip balm, cuticle balm, makeover remover, hand and foot moisturizer and even on my hair. HEAVENLY!

Looking for eco bedding? Here are my Tips On How To Shop For Organic Bedding: 

Always look for third-party certifications, they are going to ensure that the sheets are what they say they are.

These are the best:


Keep in mind that conventional cotton and other types of textiles are made using synthetic chemicals that can contain plastic and can leach into the skin.

Sheets are often treated with flame retardant chemicals, that are not effective at stopping a fire AND off-gas into the bedroom while you sleep.

And if your sheets come with stain guard you are most likely sucking in toxins as well and when you wash them, those chemicals will still be present.

Price is also a key factor, it the price for organic bedding seems to good to be true, it probably is. In some cases the sheets can be a blend of conventional cotton and or polyester, so make sure to read the label.

If you are opting for white, make sure they are treated with oxygen-based cleaners, not peroxide, which can contain chlorine, which harms the environment.

Avoid products that make the following claims: "100 percent natural cotton", "undyed and unbleached cotton", "green cotton", all of these marketing terms mean absolutely nothing and are a perfect example of greenwashing.

Changing your bedding is one of the easiest switches you can make.

I love the fact that LNBF has safe colour options to choose from.

Shop the Story here: 

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To see more products from LNBF visit their website at

I'd love to hear from you, have you ever used bamboo in your home?


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