How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

Ah, spring. That time of year where everyone seems to come out of hibernation. I don’t know who started the whole “spring clean” notion, but I find that I get hit with the urge to clean and purge along with the change in season. Here’s How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

Full disclosure: I am not even close to being a minimalist. And while I love the result of cleaning and purging, I do not love the process. But I am working on bringing a little less chaos to our home and I can totally get on board with the mission.

To me, minimalism is: To simplify what’s inside your home to improve happiness and well-being.

And since most of my time is spent helping people with their health-related home detoxes, a big part of the wellness piece is reducing toxic chemicals that are so common in our homes.

How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share some simple tips to help you both simplify and detoxify your home this spring.

Let’s take a look at some simple things you can start doing in each room of your home.

In the Laundry Room
I will admit it. I have part bottles and some unopened packages of products that have found their way into my home one way or another but that haven’t been used in a loooong time. My first tip is to take stock of your cleaners and laundry supplies.
If you haven’t used it in the last 3 months (at most!), get rid of it. You can also evaluate how healthy the products are to decide if you want to swap it out for something new. To find out which brands are truly green, you can check out my green cleaners list here, or make your own!

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How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

Pro Tip: Opt for multi-purpose to cut down on the number of products you have to store and how much you spend too.

Note: Conventional cleaning products are typically considered household hazardous waste, so before you dump it down the drain or recycle the package, be sure to check with your municipality on disposal rules. (If you’re in Toronto, the Waste Wizard is a great tool to find out how to dispose of just about anything.)

In the Kitchen

How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

We have one drawer in our kitchen. Seriously. At first, we saw it as a down-side, but having less space really forces us to prioritize only what we really need.

So, I challenge you to a one-drawer test. If you only had one drawer to keep your kitchenware in, what would you put in it? Anything else, consider donating or relocating somewhere for things you use on occasion to free up space and help keep your drawers more orderly.

Pro Tip: Prioritize wooden utensils and glass or stoneware over plastics. Plastics have been shown to leach hormone-disrupting chemicals like BPA and phthalates into food – especially when hot. If you want to keep using plastics until they’ve worn out, keep them for room temperature or cold foods only.

In the Bedroom

How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

Do you have a different wardrobe for each season? Clothes can take up a lot of physical and mental space, but don’t have to! It’s a great time to whether you wore each piece in the past year. If you didn’t, sell or donate them. Once you’ve pared down to items that you actually wear and love, you can always add in a few pieces to create a capsule wardrobe for easy outfit-picking.

Pro Tip: You might want to reconsider labels that indicate the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, as these may be treated with formaldehyde (same goes for your non-iron sheets, by the way).

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In the Living Room
I’m always amazed at the things people study, and maybe shouldn’t be surprised that there have actually been studies done on house dust.

How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

And it turns out, it’s full of things like hormone-disrupting phthalates and flame retardants. As you’re cleaning out dusty spots this spring, try using a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent the dust from recirculating. And avoid scented, single-use dusting cloths and floor wipes too as they just contribute to indoor air pollution and waste. Consider a sheep’s wool duster, or microfiber washable options if you prefer vegan alternatives.

Pro Tip: Taking your shoes off at the door can also go a long way to keeping dirt, debris, pesticides, and petrochemicals out of your home. Set up an easy space for everyone in your home to put their shoes – guests too!

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I hope this helps with your own spring clean! I’d love to hear what your spring clean routine includes – drop a note in the comments letting me know!

How To Spring Clean Your Home The Non-Toxic Way, Tips From A Pro!

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