I Switched To Native Deodorant. Here’s How It Went.

It’s no secret: tons of beauty products contain all kinds of toxins that we shouldn’t be putting on our skin. But making the switch to green and natural products is a bit of a process, I decided to begin the process in 2020 starting with a natural deodorant, here’s a guide on how I Switched To Native Deodorant

What you should know about me:

The two big things that have prevented me from trying natural deodorant in the past are my sensitive skin and the fact that I work out and/or run about 5 days a week. I know that my skin does not always react well to oils, and, while I don’t really care about sweating, I obviously don’t want to smell like someone who just went running for an hour!

How did I choose Native Deodorant?

There are so many natural deodorants out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the one that will work best for you. Since they’re similar in ingredients, the biggest factors in my decision were positive reviews and price points; I don’t know anyone personally who has tried Native, but they have thousands on thousands of glowing reviews. I also like that they don’t use any of the common toxic ingredients (like aluminum and parabens), they don’t test on animals, and the price is low enough that I’ll be able to continue purchasing regularly if it’s a winner.

Of course, there are a few things I hope the company will improve on in the future, like moving to plastic-free packaging (though the whole container is, at least, totally recyclable).

EDITOR’S NOTE: Native announced recently that they would be going plastic-free on some of their deodorants. It’d be great to see them phase plastic out altogether. 

I switched to Native deodorant. Here’s how it went. Image by Native Deodorant #greenbeauty #nativedeodorant
Photo Via Native Deodorant

I Switched To Native Deodorant: Day 1

I definitely still have residue from my previous deodorant, despite trying to scrub it off in the shower. I’m really excited to see if Native will eliminate this gross pore-blocking effect of regular deodorant. I’ve applied Native on top for now, but I feel like this first week will be about getting rid of the residue and toxins.

Day 3:

My armpits are still full of residue but I haven’t noticed any body-odour or strange reactions so there’s that? Definitely no noticeable reaction to the oils and butter used in Native. I still think I need to wait this out a little longer, though.

I switched to Native deodorant. Here’s how it went. Image by The Eco Hub #greenbeauty #nativedeodorant

Day 5:

I feel like a lot of the pore-blocking residue is gone, at least to the touch. How disturbing that it’s taken 5 whole days to notice a difference, though! It really reinforces my decision to make the switch.

Most natural deodorant companies suggest using the new product for at least a week before making any judgments because it generally takes at least a week for your body to adjust. I definitely see why now.

Day 7:

I really put the deodorant to the test today! I went on a 70-minute run and you know what? I was only a little sweatier than usual, and I smelled wonderfully of lavender and rose! I am super impressed.

Day 10:

I made the terrible mistake of wearing a very thick sweater in 7-degree January weather today (climate change!) and I definitely noticed that I sweat a little more than I’m used to— but I’m taking that as a sign that my body is getting rid of the toxins from previous antiperspirants. Our bodies are supposed to sweat, so this is definitely progress. I was just heading home, but, if I had been going back out, I probably would have reapplied the product after a full workday/being too warm on my commute.

I Switched To Native Deodorant: Day 13

Ok, my armpits are super soft now, too. A bonus side effect of using a product containing coconut oil and shea butter.

Is Native Deodorant Available in stores? 

You can find Native Deisoadnt in big box shops like Walmart and Target. These are not sustainable stores, but it’s good to see green products in places like these. 

Is Native Deidorant an anti-perspirent? 

No, it’s not, it does not contain aluminum the most common ingredient found in most antiperspirants. Aluminum is used to stop your armpits from sweating, not exactly the healthiest thing. Antiperspirants block your body’s sweat ducts. Natural deodorants like Native work to reduce and neutralizes odours. 

Final thoughts on I Switched To Native Deodorant

I will definitely be repurchasing this product! It smells nice, it’s easy to put on, it works, and it doesn’t leave a gross residue. Even though I had to reapply the product after an 8-hour day, that seems like a very small concession knowing that I’m no longer poisoning my body with harmful chemicals.

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I switched to Native deodorant. Here’s how it went. Image by Native Dodorant #greenbeauty #nativedeodorant


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