IKEA’s Mesh Bags Might Be The Green Find Of The Century!

If you visit The Eco Hub often (I hope you do), you know I love a good zero waste product.

On a recent trip to IKEA I stumbled across the Kungsfors Mesh Bags. Cute, affordable and practical at a bargain price of $6.99 for two!  They might just be the green find of the century!

You can’t beat that!

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mesh bags hanging on a wall

Thy are made from either recycled cotton or cotton that is grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides. It’s also not bleached, like most cotton.

These are great to shop with and if you hang your produce, it will last longer, helping to reduce food waste!

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You can also use them to store other items, like toys and toilet paper!

mesh bags hanging on a wall

Win. Win.

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