Introducing Frankie On Friday’s Summer Linen Essentials

Ethical Edit: Introducing Frankie On Friday’s Summer Linen Essentials! Must-have sustainable, chic, made in Canada wardrobe essentials!

Fabrics come in all shapes and sizes, yet, many of those fabrics have a negative impact on people and the planet. Take polyester, for example, it’s evolved from your dad’s 70s disco shirt to our generation yoga pants and undies, and the more we use and need polyester the more of an impact it has on the planet.

Polyester has become ubiquitous in our clothes, it’s cheap to make, works very well when combined with other fabrics and can be found in dresses, t-shirts, and jeans.

The most common types of polyesters (polymers) are polyethylene terephthalate or PET, plastics that are derived from crude oil used to make things like condiment bottles. We are wearing plastic and when we wash these items they expel thousands of tiny microplastics into our waterways. Devastating ecosystems and harming the health of indigenous communities who rely on those waterways.

Making plastic is also resource-intensive and the manufacturing process creates air and water pollution. The other major issue is the pollution workers are exposed to when making these items. Studies show in most cases POC are impacted the most.

If you are in a position to invest in your wardrobe choosing natural fibres like organic linen is a good place to start. And of course, supporting local. I was recently introduced to @frankieonfriday #madeincanada #sustainable, organic, chic!

I love introducing all of you to new, Canadian brands. I first met Stacey (the founder) from @lovefreshdotcom almost 10 years ago. Stacey has been a leader in the green beauty space in Canada with her brand Love Fresh, the Lemon Verbena Body Butter is basically heaven in a jar.

Stacey recently launched @frankieonfriday a beautiful collection, of chic, ethical and sustainable wardrobe essentials made from Linen. Linen is breathable, lightweight and airy which is perfect for summer weather & keeping cool. It is the world’s strongest natural fibre and more durable than cotton – making it a long-lasting quality material that will last for years.

Introducing Frankie On Friday's Summer Linen Essentials

The flax plant is natural, resilient and can grow in undesirable soil. It uses very little water to grow rendering it the most environmentally friendly material for clothing. Linen is both a strong and airy material yet becomes softer and more luxurious over time. It has a long history of luxury and exclusive but is also versatile! All the garments are loose-fitting making them size and age inclusive. LOVE THAT!

An ethical wardrobe takes time to build and you have to feel good about purchasing items to fit in it. By 2030, it is estimated that apparel consumption will rise by 63%. Given the size, growth and impact of the fashion industry, it’s time for action. We all need to take responsibility and build a more holistic and sustainable way of doing business covering people, planet and profits and that starts with the companies we choose to support.

In this pic, I am wearing “The Joey” is a relaxed fit button-up blouse with two oversized chest pockets – it is PERFECTION. It’s so versatile and unbelievably comfortable.

Introducing Frankie On Friday's Summer Linen Essentials

Frankie On Friday offers two tops and two bottoms. I am wearing “The Charlie”,  high waisted, 100% lightweight linen with glorious oversized pockets. The dream pant that is flattering for every size. I’ve been living in this all summer.

Introducing Frankie On Friday's Summer Linen Essentials

Curating an ethical wardrobe takes time and investment, there is no getting around that. But when you find classic pieces like this, it’s a no brainer. Part of an ethical wardrobe is taking care of the clothes we own properly, this helps them last longer which means we have to replace those items less. There are also quite a few affordable ethical clothing brands to choose from.

How to wash your linen?

Many ways to keep your linen clean!  People can be so intimidated by linen but it is quite easy to wash. Wash by hand with a gentle detergent. Please note if you decide to machine wash and tumble dry there can be shrinkage up to 8%-10%. 

Introducing Frankie On Friday's Summer Linen Essentials

What should you do about a stain?

We have found 100% rubbing alcohol works wonders! Apply it directly to the stain, gently rub if needed them launder asap. You always want to get to a stain as soon as it happens and before you wash it, otherwise it will set in. 

Can you dry clean it?

Dry cleaning is fine as well (if you don’t like that wrinkled look, this would be your best bet)

Should you hang it or fold it?

You can hand wash and hang dry if you don’t want any shrinkage

Introducing Frankie On Friday's Summer Linen Essentials

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