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Yoga is BIG and so popular, but a new type of moving meditation is coming, which begs the questions Is QiGong The New Yoga?

Over the last few decades, training in yoga has exploded in the North American market. Classes of every size and description can be found on almost any block in every major city. Yoga Teacher Training has become a common topic of discussion for all ages and all walks of life. Yoga wear has become the new causal wear, and Sanskrit tattoos are taking the place of the tweety bird. It is this rapid growth in the market that is leading to dramatic diversification in content and concepts. Hybrid classes like Hypno-yoga, aerial yoga, acro-yoga, yes, even goat-yoga can be found in your local neighbourhood without much of a google search.

But as with all things in the western marketplace, diversity and available breeds fickleness. With so much to choose from, what is the right choice?

As a once spiritual practice becomes mass-marketed, and classes become more gimmick driven, novelty replaces effectiveness. Yes of course there are still amazing classes and many amazing teachers in the industry, but as that industry becomes supersaturated with “SHLOCK”, finding a true “yogi” to learn from is getting harder and harder.

As people continue to search for the latest way to heal their mind and body, once again people are turning their attention to ancient eastern traditions. Only this time it’s China.

Enter ……. Qigong

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has been used in China for thousands of years as a powerfully healing moving meditation. It combines soft flowing bodyweight movements, with long slow diaphragmatic breaths and specific visualizations.

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a wall of leaves with a neon sign on it that says "breath"

The design is to stimulate the Acupuncture meridians and their associated organs, while it improves digestive function as well as mental focus and emotional balance. As Qigong can be performed standing or sitting, it lends itself to all fitness levels, walks of life and all ages. In China, over 100 million people do Qigong daily. The trouble is there are just not that many people teaching it here.…. just yet!

Qigong is poised to take the stage as the “New Yoga” in the coming years. Until quite recently, most people’s contact with Qigong was randomly coming across a group of people in the park moving in unison like a flock of birds but were too shy to join in. Now more and more Classes are popping up in yoga studios. There are already thousands of styles of Qigong, Taiji being one of the most well known. But it is the Medical Qigong with its focus on internal healing that could very easily become the new “goto” for people looking to heal their pain-filled mind and bodies.

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It’s like a gentle, slow-moving dance that takes your joints through large ranges of motion, works every muscle in your body, stimulates respiration and digestion, while it heals your mind. Who could ask for more??? It is Qigong’s dynamic body movement that distinguishes it from the stationary postures of yoga. It leads people to reconnect to their inner child that use to skip and play in the park. It fills you with a healing joy that only movement can create.

…Keep an eye on the horizon Yogis, Qigong is coming!


Is QiGong The New Yoga

Bodhi Batista, R.Ac

For over twenty years, Bodhi Batista has been motivating and educating people of all ages, to lead healthier lives by building stronger, healthier bodies. With formal training in Sociology and Kinesiology from The University of Western Ontario combined with several fitness consulting certifications, including the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) and the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong and an honors degree in Acupuncture from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bodhi's patients have come to trust and depend on his diverse wealth of knowledge in all aspects of health, nutrition, flexibility, muscular conditioning, philosophy, meditation, and martial arts.
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