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I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February, it’s been unusually warm here in Toronto and I can’t help but think of spring and warmer days ahead. It’s a beautiful time of year.
 It’s also a good time to start thinking about transitioning your beauty routine and reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals.

If you know me and you follow my blog you know I talk a lot about reducing exposure to toxic chemicals, I wrote about it here and here.



Today, I have great news. The fabulous Margot over at has the solution to your (possible) green beauty conundrum. How do I transition? 
It’s the hardest part and she has done all the hard work for you. YAY!

Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet!

I caught up with this eco-warrior to get the down-low on her Green Beauty Starter Bag (which BTW would make a fabulous #MotherDay gift!)

What is the starter bag?

The Green Beauty Starter Bag is a collection of our full and travel size best-selling green beauty products from our boutique. All of the basics are covered including shampoo, soap, deodorant, and mascara. Many are award-winning products! We worked very hard with our brands to make it as affordable as possible. It retails for $89, yet the value is $125 USD. The bag ( by Blue Q) is made from a post-consumer material (plastic water bottles and grain sacks) and can be re-used and then recycled). It makes a GREAT gift, too!

Why did you feel it was necessary to create it?

We created the Green Beauty Starter Bag to provide customers with a means to sample multiple products without having to invest in full-size products. It offers an easy way to introduce someone to the concept of green beauty.

Why is green beauty so important to you?

I could write a book to answer this one! As a family, we try to make healthy food choices and the same goes for beauty products. When I

As a family, we try to make healthy food choices and the same goes for beauty products. When I discovered and began to understand, the lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry, I was shocked. I could not fathom that there wasn’t someone, somewhere, overseeing the ingredients used in skincare products and product safety. I had always thought if a drug-store product was on the shelf for purchase, it was safe. It is important to me to make the healthiest choices for my family. Not only do I feel better knowing that the products we now use are safe, but we have all witnessed improvements in our skin, hair and overall health.

What’s the biggest misconception (in your opinion) where green beauty is concerned?

“It is too expensive.” While there are some shops that only sell exclusive, high-end products, we are a shop that caters to every budget and for everyone the family. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, clean beauty regardless of budget. This does not mean that effectiveness is comprised! We thoroughly test each product line for effectiveness and select the ones that deliver what they promise.

What the one word of advice you’d give someone who is transitioning?

It’s okay to take it slow. When we started our green beauty journey, we got rid of everything that contained the ingredients on our Big Baddies list. This equaled one huge bucket of toxic products. If this is too costly, or too overwhelming, start by replacing one product at a time as you run out of each. You could also begin with your baby’s or child’s products first. Studies show that babies are far more susceptible to the effects of toxins as their body systems are not yet fully formed. Another suggestion is, to begin with the products that remain on the body first – ex., lotion, and deodorant.


Thank you, Margot, this is fantastic, raise your hands if you agree!

Not only are you getting an amazing lineup of clean, green beauty products you also get a reusable, recyclable, zipper bags from Blue Q. They are made from 95% post-consumer material including grain sacks and water bottles. 1% of all Blue Q bag sales is given to the Nature Conservancy.

Head on over to (love the name too) and get this now.

Use coupon code: THEECOHUB for a 10% discount

Candice Batista The Eco Hub

What’s Inside

1. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub – 4 oz full size (Best of Beauty Allure Magazine 2016)

2. Magic Organic Apothecary Bamboo Cleansing Cloth in Hemp Bag (UK Green Parent Award)

3. Magic Organic Apothecary Green Balm – travel size (UK Green Parent Award)

4. Solavedi Organics Soothing Calendula Turmeric Day Cream – 1 oz size

5. Rustic Maka Deodorant Lemonade – travel size (Goop Award Winner)

6. HollyBeth Organics Grits & Honey Scrub OR Rose Geranium Face Balm – travel size (Beauty Editor Fiona Styles Top Pick/ELLE)

7. Lily Lolo Vegan Mascara – full size (Green Beauty Bible Award Winner)

8. Au Naturale Limited Gold Edition Celestial Créme Highlighter – full size ( Au Naturale voted best clean/green makeup at Indie Beauty Show 2016)

9. EVOLVh Ultrashine Shampoo – 2 oz (Real Simple Best Natural Conditioner)

10. Green & Gorgeous Organic Dry Shampoo – travel size (specify in notes if you prefer the dark hair version)
11. Graham Gardens Bar Soap – sample (scent may vary)

If you want to give green beauty a try this is the perfect opportunity!

Candice Batista

Candice Batista is an award winning Environmental Journalist and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates. Her career spans national and international media outlets, where she has used her background in environmental studies and media & communications to produce and report on various environmental and climate issues for primarily television and digital audiences including Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Weather Network, CityTV, Rogers Television, The Pet Network, iChannel, and CTV, where she is currently the National Eco Expert for the stations number 1 daytime talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show.
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