Natural Cleaning Tips From A Pro

If you read my blogs here on The Eco Hub you know I love to clean, today we are getting natural cleaning tips from a pro.

Emma Rohmann is an Environmental Engineer with a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Emma also has one of the most extensive online course for how to reduce toxins in the home, which I highly recommend you check out. Here is some additional information.

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It’s called The Healthy Home Method. A step-by-step, science-based, busy mom-approved process to help you reduce toxic chemicals in your home that are linked with hormone disruption, allergies, chronic disease, asthma, obesity, infertility, cancer, and more.

What’s In the Program:
Need-to-Know Information to help you define what non-toxic means to you and how to implement the most important changes for your goals (not someone else’s).

Product Guides so you can skip over the trial and error and avoid greenwashing.

How-To Guides and Video Tutorials to help you make changes faster and easier.

Training and Resources that go beyond the basics of healthy skincare and cleaners, showing you how to make your home do the work for you and practically detox itself…

The Healthy Home Method will take you by hand, and lead you step-by-step to the confidence, clarity, and peace of mind you’ve been searching for… and the healthy home you know your family deserves.

We can no longer ignore what science is telling us: Ingredients in skincare are linked with earlier puberty in girls – increasing their risk of depression and cancer.


​Low exposures to phthalates – found in everything from teething toys to cleaning products to lotions to shower curtains – are linked with asthma, low sperm count, obesity, and more.

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Toxins in our homes are contributing to increased rates of infertility and cancer according to the European Environment Agency. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

BUT, I’ve got some good news for you…It is possible to lower your body’s toxic burden without totally changing your lifestyle or giving up products that work.

There are hundreds of families I’ve already helped who are feeling great about the changes they’ve made to support their health.

What You Get In The Healthy Home Method
A clear plan that you can come back to again and again as you work through your home detox.

Use this to stay focused so you can avoid all the confusing research and false starts and feel confident that you’re making progress. It’s never about all-or-nothing, and it’s a system you can start and stop as you need. I’m a mom too… I know that life happens!

natural cleaning tips from a pro

Product recommendations, shopping guides, and how-to videos. These are invaluable in creating sustainable habits around reducing toxins at home so you can spend less time and money on stuff that doesn’t work.

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Access to the most up-to-date resources for a whole year.

Let’s face it – the science and marketing strategies are always changing! The resources are updated on a regular basis so you’ll always be in-the-know with the latest and greatest information. As always, I focus on facts, not fads or fake news.

To sign up for this course, click HERE.

natural cleaning tips from a pro

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