Ontario’s Green Home Renovation Rebates Will Save You Money

Ontario’s Green Home Renovation Rebates Will Save You Money Now!

Your home is your oasis, the place you unwind, sit back and relax. But did you know that in some cases your home could be costing you money?

It’s not something we tend to think about, but if you are looking to save a bit of money, simple green habits can be put into place to help you reduce energy consumption, produce less waste and ultimately save you some cash in the long run. And now with a new program from the Ontario government, it’s even easier.

The Green Ontario Fund, a non-profit provincial agency funded by the province’s cap-and-trade program, announced the GreenON rebates back in August 2017.

The Green Ontario Fund is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, which aims to cut greenhouse gas pollution 15 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, 37 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050.

“By making these changes through the GreenON rebates, Ontarian’s are taking climate action into their own hands, shrinking their carbon footprint and saving money,” Said Parminder Sandhu, Chair and Interim CEO for the Green Ontario Fund.

Ontario homeowners can easily determine which rebates are available to them through GreenON.ca, a one-stop hub that amalgamates all rebates based on the homeowner’s postal code. These are just some of the rebates available on GreenON.ca:

  • Get up to $7,200 back on insulation (attic + wall-to-wall)
  • Get up to $100 back from the air sealing incentive
  • Get up to $5,000 back on high performance certified windows
  • Get up to $5,800 back on an air-source heat pump
  • Get up to $100 back on a smart thermostat

Let’s begin with a few basics. The average Canadian home wastes up to 30% energy for heating and cooling as a result of cracks and gaps in roofs and walls. If you live in a house, get a home energy audit, this will help you find problem areas in your home and will provide solutions on how to address some of those problems.

By using participating contractors, Ontario residents who live in a detached home, townhome or semi can take part in the GreenON Rebates.

Ontario's Green Home Renovation Rebate Program Will Save You Money


Get rebates to upgrade your home insulation from top to bottom. Receive up to $7,200 off the cost of purchasing and installing insulation. Cut drafts, lower heating and cooling costs and help keep your home temperature consistent by upgrading the insulation of your attic, basement, and exterior walls.

Quick Tip:  The attic is the best place to start; a well-insulated attic can save you 20-60% on energy bills.



Tiny gaps and cracks in your home can add up to big energy losses making your furnace work harder than it needs too. Air sealing is an easy way to keep the heat in and the elements out while helping you save. Through the GreenON Fund you can get $100 for air sealing your home when you upgrade your insulation.

Quick Tip: Caulking and weather-stripping will stop between 25% and 50% heat loss.


If you have large windows in your home (like I do) and live in a home that is older, odds are your windows could use an overhaul. This large window in my home is one of the areas we need to update using GreenON rebates. High-performance windows are designed to reduce energy loss; condensation and outdoor noise, helping you save on heating and cooling costs and increase your home’s resale value.

Get $500 per window up to 10 windows, or $5,000 when you upgrade to select high-performance windows.

Learn more about windows eligible for the program here.


Ontario's Green Home Renovation Rebate Program Will Save You Money

Install an Air-source heat pump, a system that uses the outside air to heat and cool your home while reducing your carbon footprint. Air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) use heat exchangers to draw heat from the outside air to bring it indoors, keeping your home warm more efficiently. In the summer, it reverses the cycle to keep you cool. An ASHP can be an efficient means of saving money and saving carbon emissions.

Other benefits:

  • They help reduce your carbon footprint
  • Can heat hot water for immediate or later use
  • Save more on your next energy bill
  • They have a long lifespan with proper care they can be operational for up to 20 years
  • Provides cooling in the summer and heating in the winter
  • No fuel storage is needed

With a smart thermostat! Using a smart thermostat to control your home heating and cooling makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint. If you live in Ontario, you could receive a $100 rebate for purchasing an eligible smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats do the legwork of keeping your home comfortable as efficiently as possible. They manage energy use in your home by learning your schedule and preferences, automatically delivering comfort when you’re there and savings when you’re not. Enjoy features like automated energy saving adjustments and maintenance alerts. Plus, with Wi-Fi technology, you control your thermostat from anywhere – on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Quick Tip: Reducing the temperature in your home at night by only 4 degrees will help you save almost 7% on natural gas. If your furnace is over 20 years old, it’s time to replace it.

How the program works:

In order to receive rebates, the first step is for you to connect with a participating contractor.

Once you choose a contractor, they will do an assessment of your home to figure out if it meets the standards associated with the program.

Once your home has been approved the work is the next step. Your contractor will do this of course.

When the work is finished and the contractor has been paid they will then submit the application form on behalf of you, the customer to receive the rebate.

Once the government signs off on the application a cheque will be sent to you.

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