Our Favourite Sustainable Bedding Brands

This post is generously sponsored by SOL ORGANICS, I only share the products I authentically recommend and use.

Cotton is the fabric of choice for so many styles and uses; it’s hard to imagine life without it, here is a look at our Favourite Sustainable Bedding Brands.

Cotton touches most of us every day and is loved for many reasons, It's affordable, practical, durable and it's a natural resource. But the story does not end there! Although figures fluctuate, cotton represents about 30% of all fibre used in the textile sector.

Globally, around 30 million hectares are planted with cotton, accounting for more than 2% of total arable land, and producing approximately 25 million metric tonnes (MT) of cotton annually.

Cotton is grown in over 80 countries and its production supports the livelihoods of over 350 million people, including between 50 to 100 million farmers. My Healthy Bed Guide dives into these issues more.

You see cotton also makes up nearly 30% of global textile production and it has a history dating back over 8,000 years.

Most years, farmers from over 80 countries produce about 25 million metric tonnes of cotton, making it the world’s most abundantly produced natural textile.

The fibre from one 227kg cotton bale can produce 215 pairs of jeans, 250 single bed sheets, 1,200 t-shirts, 2,100 pairs of boxer shorts, 3,000 nappies, 4,300 pairs of socks or 680,000 cotton balls.

The global average water footprint of seed cotton is 3,644 cubic metres per tonne, the equivalent of nearly 1.5 Olympic swimming pools

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Globally, we grow an estimated 60% of our cotton in irrigated fields and 40% under rain-fed conditions.

Over 60% of cotton is produced by smallholder farmers in developing countries, who are some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world.

Knowing all these statistics got me thinking about my bedsheets, it's hard not to after reading all of that!

I’m in a constant effort to make my home more sustainable and that involves a lot of research. Finding green companies that we can trust can be a little daunting when you’re starting this lifestyle transition.

And, bedding can be a hard place to start thanks to the high cost of organic cotton. Enter Sol Organics

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They checked all the items on my list: transparent supply chain, fair working conditions, certified raw 100% organic cotton, and of course, high-quality product.

So, here’s what you need to know: 

Safe for your Bed

Sol Organics is passionate about sustainable fibres, so they are committed to offering only the best organic textiles, free from chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Their suppliers and factories in India are FLO, GOTS, Oeko Tex and Fair Trade certified.

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This could only result in one thing: clean, safe, super soft, and cozy bed sheets. Since they are 100% natural fabrics, they are breathable, lightweight and get softer and softer with each wash.

Safe for the People

No child labour. EVER. That’s what Sol Organics ensures in their factories. Plus, the workers there make a living wage, and enjoy a fair and safe workspace. Everything from the farmer to your bed is fair, safe and transparent.

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And transparency is clearly a priority for the company, so if you browse their website you will find detailed information about their markup and costs compared to the industry standard. Amazing, hun? I wish all companies were like this! That makes buying consciously so much easier for us, right?

Safe for the Planet

Finally, Sol Organics is dedicated to preserving our planet and reducing their carbon footprint. Cotton is their best-selling fabric, so here’s why is so important to choose organic.

Production of raw cotton was more than 25 tons in 2010, and this number has only been increasing since then. If we think that we need 3,800 litres of water in order to produce 1kg of water, that number might be even scarier. In addition to all resources required, there are all the chemicals used, in fact, 11% of the world’s pesticide use is attributed to cotton production.

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Did you know that the amount of land used for cotton has remained unchanged for the past 80 years, yet the number of yields has tripled due to fertilizer and pesticide use? This results in reduced soil fertility, loss of biodiversity and water pollution. Not to mention all the health issues for both humans and animals caused by the number of chemicals used in conventional cotton production.

By choosing organic cotton, ensuring non-GMO cotton seeds are used, and acquiring the best-known certifications in the industry, Sol Organics is in the right track to preserving our drinking water & soil and keeping us away from harmful chemicals. Plus, no plastic is used in their packaging, which we know, we don’t need any more of in this world.

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So you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered Sol Organics! I love that you get to have all that, plus amazing, soft, and cozy bed sheets for a fair price. And when I mean fair price, I mean super affordable. 

The Classic Organic Bedding Bundle is my favourite. It comes with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases, 1 duvet cover, and 2 pillow shams - 100% certified organic cotton and super soft. The twin set is only $179.

If you were on the fence about transitioning to green bedsheets, that’s the time to do so. And I have a special gift to give you that extra push! Use the code Ecohub20 at checkout to get 20% OFF on your purchase.

Oh, did I mention $7.50 of each sale goes to one of the four charities Sol Organics support?

So why do organic sheets matter?

Well, we need to increase the availability of more sustainable cotton, so we can make it easier for brands and retailers to make and keep sourcing commitments to buy it.

By raising awareness among brands, retailers and others in the industry about the importance of sustainable cotton, and by making it easier to source across a range of standards, together we can make sustainable cotton the mainstream choice.

Sol Organics is the perfect place to start. 

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