QiGong For Menstruation

Suffering from painful PMS and periods? This QiGong for Menstruation set is a simple way to help ease the pain.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the health and function of a woman’s menstrual cycle is regulated by three different internal organs. The Spleen, the Liver and the Kidneys all play a pivotal roll in this complex process. If even one of the three are in disharmony many problems can arise leading to pain, discomfort and dysfunction.

The Spleen
The spleen, in conjunction with the stomach, has the job of turning the food that is eaten into blood and energy (Qi). It is that blood that nourishes all the tissues of the body as well as providing the material basis for the menstrual blood that lines or is shed by the uterus. The spleen helps to move the blood and fluid around the body so that it doesn’t pool and accumulate where it shouldn’t. In addition, the spleen also provides the body with a retentive quality that keeps things like blood and fluid, just where they are supposed to be.

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If however the spleen is weakened by its two nemeses, which are inappropriate eating or overthinking, things start to go awry. A weakened spleen will result in poor blood production resulting is a deficient amount of blood to properly line the uterus or a scanty or very pale period colour. Secondly, a weakened spleen’s inability to move fluids properly will result in fluid accumulating.

This will lead to edema (swelling) in the lower body and bloating in the stomach. Lastly, if the spleen is not doing a good job at turning food into blood in the first place when the body begins to shed blood during a woman’s period, this will result in overall Qi (energy) and blood deficiency in the body. This can result in lightheadedness, weakness, blurry vision and fatigue.

qiGong for menstruation

The Liver
The liver has a very specific job. It is responsible for moving Qi (energy) around the body. It is the movement of energy that in turn helps the spleen to move blood to where it’s needed. In addition, the liver also provides the body with the ability to store blood when it’s not being used.

If however the liver is injured by stress, anger and irritability or by excesses of alcohol, it causes the energy of the liver to stagnate. Energy by nature needs to be in constant movement and when it doesn’t, functioning breaks down. Clear signs that the energy of the liver isn’t flowing the way it should be any kind of achy pain in the body, especially around a woman’s period. Breast tenderness, premenstrual cramps in the stomach or lower back or temporal headaches, are all signs that the liver energy isn’t moving properly.

Because Qi moves blood, if there is significant stagnations in qi flow, the blood will stagnate as well. Sharp stabbing menstrual pain, and blood clots are a result of blood not being moved because of stagnant Qi.

The Kidneys
The Kidney’s store the Essence derived from your mom and dad.  Essence can be thought of as the DNA or genetic material that is past on from generation to generation. It is the blueprint that the body uses to decide how and what to do with the nutrients processed by the spleen and energy moved by the liver. In addition, the kidneys rule over repetitive cycles of growth and development. They can be thought of as the body’s biological clock.

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If the kidneys are injured by excess intake of salt or shocked by fearful or frightening events, the cycles they govern can be severely thrown off. This can be seen when strong emotional events lead to an irregular menstrual cycle whether it’s early or later than expected.

qigong for menstruation

However, it’s not just damaging to one individual organ that can lead to a dysfunctional menstrual cycle. Dysfunction to any one organ will throw off the functioning of them all over time. The three organs work is precise harmony to keep the body making blood, moving that blood, and doing it all at specific times. It is those happy relationships that regulate the body’s mechanical ability to give life or to clean that machinery out and prepare for the next cycle.

A Qigong meridian cleanse exercise is a fantastic way to ensure the proper function of those three organs by connecting to the energetic movement of the meridians themselves. “Yi Dao, Qi Dao”, Where the mind goes, the Qi follows! You first focus the mind on the path the energy travels and then reinforce that energy by visualizing the colour of that specific frequency of energy. This will turn on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Spending a few minutes a day tracing the path that energy travels through the spleen, liver and kidney meridians can lead to a happier, healthier and more productive… reproductive system. …Give it a try!

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