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Saponetti’s Story

After two decades of working in the interior design and construction management spheres, Nikki decided to align her expertise in building infrastructures with her ethics. Founding Saponetti, Toronto’s first soap refill delivery service, with her husband Christian, she’s been able to fill a niche in the home goods zero waste sphere and offer a fully transparent circular business model. 

Saponetti is Toronto’s first soap refill delivery service, offering the city guilt-free access to everyday use products like hand soaps, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste in a circular fashion– refilling their pre-existing packaging or renting mason jars. At bulk prices and with electric vehicle delivery, Saponetti co-founders Nikki, and Christian ensure that living mindfully and earth/ human-friendly is not only accessible but effortless.

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The Eco Hub

The Eco Hub is Canada's premier online lifestyle and news publication devoted to all things sustainability. Founded by Environmental Journalist Candice Batista, it is known for its impeccable reporting and trend-spotting on the green living beat. Since The Eco Hub's establishment in 2016, it has become Canada's number 1 resource for natural wellness, green beauty, ethical fashion, low-waste living, environmental news, and more. This year, The Eco Hub is proud to announce that their online work has earned the distinction of Honoree in the 24th Annual Webby Awards.
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