Save Money. Reduce Waste. 7 Places To Rent Your Dress For The Holidays

Save Money. Reduce Waste. 7 Places To Rent Your Dress For The Holidays!

We all love to dress up for the holidays and that comes with the want (not need) to purchase a new dress every year for that special occasion.

One that will cost you money, one that you will probably only wear once, one that will hang in your cupboard long after it’s been worn, or one that will most likely end up in landfill.

Canadians send more than 12 million tonnes of clothing and textiles into the waste stream every year!

Now renting is not 100% eco-friendly, there is a lot of dry cleaning and shipping involved  but ultimately there are some pretty good benefits:

It Saves Time- you can shop at one or two places to find the right dress. Store owners take pride in their collections and many of them spend time curating dresses so you don’t have too.

Wear Designer brands – you may not be able to afford a Stella McCartney dress, but you could probably afford to rent it.

You are producing Less Waste.

It’s more affordable- If you are budget conscious renting is the right way to go.

My good friend Sarah Peel from Citizenne (a company that inspires and teaches how personal style and a conscious wardrobe go hand-in-hand) says this about renting:

From a style and novelty perspective, renting clothes (both occasion wear and everyday pieces) is a great way to get a fresh injection into your wardrobe. New clothes act like any drug or thrill, they give you a hit of dopamine, the feel-good hormone! With renting, you can get that hit, often from a designer or more expensive brand than your usual, without destroying your budget or the planet. We only wear about 40% of our closets, and occasion where rarely gets worn more than once. It’s a waste of money resources and space. It just makes so much sense to rent from a company that enables us to support reuse!”

I could not agree more. 

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Before we get to the actual places, I spoke to Trisha Mishich the Founder of Your Favourite Dresses to give us some insight on how to rent a dress.

Here is what you need to consider: 

With the new fashion revolution opting towards a more sustainable solution, rental clothing companies are becoming more accessible than ever.

Curious about how renting works? Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect dress for your next event.

Know your audience – It all comes down to colour, fabric and fit.

Invited to a holiday office party? Choose a dress that hits at the knee or mid-calf, the dress can be form-fitting but not super tight.

RSVP to a wedding? Any colour other than white (obviously..) is acceptable. Depending on the season you can wear anything from bold navy and wine to pastel yellow. Have fun with it, it’s a day of celebration after all!

Just found out you’re a new mama? Renting is the way to go for your growing belly! Choose fabrics with stretch, like jersey or neoprene to give you the best fit.

Renting gives you many options for all occasions while saving you money and the environment. It’s a win-win all around!!

While renting is gaining in popularity, so are the options on ways to rent.

The singular option – Rent a dress and accessories and wear it once. Choosing a rental period from 4 days if your event is local or 8 days if you’re planning to go abroad. It’s a dream service if you attend a lot of weddings or events. Items can be delivered to your home or place of business – just make sure someone can sign for the parcel.

Monthly Subscription – For everyday wear and business attire. Pay a monthly fee and customers select 3 to 4 items on rotation. The Items are delivered to your home and once the month is up, you ship the items back for new selections.

Peer to Peer  Renting online from individuals who list their pre-worn and pre-loved garments and handbags, is another great option to support the sharing economy and keep garments out of landfills.

Renting for your next event or any occasion saves you time, money and the environment!

Here are 8 great places to rent a stunning dress for your special occasion:

Your Favourite Dresses: offers you a wide selection of the cutest dresses ever. I want to rent them all.

You can rent from $69 – $199, including a $100 deposit. Renta for 4 to 8 days. Return the dress in a prepaid envelope and send it back. They do all the cleaning.

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?Are you ready for Halloween? Between Fall and of course Christmas, this is one of our favourite times of the year!⁠ ?⁠ Another reason to rent over buying. Canadians spend upwards to $1 billion on Halloween costumes, candy and decor – (that's a lot of waste!) Thank you for these stats @theecohub ? Check out their post on ideas to reduce your waste during this season.⁠ ?⁠ Let's have an eco-friendly Halloween – we've created some costume ideas that you can create with our dresses! Checkout our stories to get the pumpkin juices flowing.⁠ ?⁠ Don't have a costume yet? DM us and we can help you create a spook-tacular outfit.⁠ Model – @heathermaitland⁠ Photo – @3sixtyvideo⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #Halloween #ecofriendlyhalloween #costumeideas #halloweencostume #halloweencostumeideas #rentadress #dressrentaltoronto⁠ ⁠

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Boro located in the fashion district of Toronto is a marketplace for women to list, discover, and rent clothing from stylish closets across Canada. They offer a wide selection of dresses and use only 100% certified wet cleaners to professionally clean their garments. That’s better for the environment and also increases the lifespan of the garment.

You can rent a dress for 4, 10 or 30-days, perfect if you are travelling. Prices range from $45 – $125. Shipping is available across Canada.


Atelier Privé is a high-end lending service in Montreal that specializes in designer dresses. They offer a carefully curated line-up of designer dresses for a fraction of their retail price. Their collection ranges from a classic black dress to a statement gown.  They carry sought after brands that are often not sold in Montreal.

You can rent a dress for three days, prices range for a cocktail dress you’ll pay between $80 and $100 and for a full-length gown, from $100 – $200. They also include the fee for dry cleaning. Shipping is extra.


The Fitzroy, in Toronto carries designers dresses from the UK, LA, Australia and is adding a range of Canadian designers too. They have been part of the #rentalrevolution for 7 years now and their shop is so unbelievably pretty. You will want to stay! For a while!

Prices range from $70 – $110 for four days. If you need to extend that, they do offer an 8-day option. Shipping is available across Canada, prices vary.


I Love Goldie, in Toronto, stocks a wide variety of contemporary brands, designer resale and vintage couture, available for rent. Born out of a desire to consume less, without having to skimp on style, they present a curated collection of your favourite dresses and accessories.

Rentals start at $50 and go up to $185 for four days. For a little extra you can extend your rental up to 12 days. Shipping costs start and $25 (return).

FlauntBox is a Vancouver-based dress rental startup offering the modern woman access to her endless dream closet. I love the fact that they offer vintage items too. You can rent a dress for four days starting at $65 to $150. For $99 you can sign up for a monthly subscription box.


Joyce’s Closet in Calgary is a consignment and rental shop. They have an inventory of dresses in different styles and price points. You can rent a dress for four days or eight days for an additional $60. Prices vary, contact them directly.


Chic Marie in Quebec offers a monthly subscription for $65 or $95 a month, rent up to 3 boxes of clothes per month. Each delivery contains 3 different pieces you can wear for as long as you wish. You can then renew your selection according to your needs. 1, 2 or 3 boxes a month? It’s up to you and the price doesn’t change.


What do you think? Would you rent your dress for your New Year’s Eve Party?


Save Money. Reduce Waste. 7 Places To Rent Your Dress For The Holidays



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