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The Eco Hub's FREE 30 Day Healthy Home Detox Challenge is all about discovering how simple it is to take control of the various corners of your life, and how rewarding it feels to open your eyes to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Eco Hub's FREE 30 Day Healthy Home Detox Challenge is packed with information you need to kick toxic chemicals to the curb…because detoxes aren’t just made for you and I. The truth is that your home (and body) is playing house with more toxins, chemicals, and waste than you think. My tried and tested practical tips will help you nourish your body and help you build a happy, healthy home.

It’s Impossible To Be 100% Toxin Free!

Our society is just simply not set up that way. I also don’t want you to stress about it. Change takes time. My mission is to help make you, me and the planet a healthier one, by being aware of the things we are exposed to every day and making informed decisions.

Sign up NOW to get FREE access to The Eco Hub's 30 Day Healthy Home Detox Challenge. Each week, for the next four weeks, you will get an email from me highlighting an area of your home that could probably use a detox. Each email is packed with information, tips, checklists and even homework. Think of this as a four-week course.

Here's the breakdown:

Week One: Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Week Two: Break Up With Toxic Cleaners For Good

Week Three: How to Cook Up A Green Kitchen

Week Four: Green Between The Sheets With A Bedroom Detox

A little background:

Before we are even born, our bodies are already fighting more than 200 man-made chemicals. Researchers have tested umbilical cords and have found mothers are passing toxins to their babies in the womb. And by the time we are born and grow up, that number will grow into the hundreds.

Chemicals by the numbers:

80,000 used in home products like tv’s, furniture and bedding;

10,500 industrial chemicals found in personal care products;

Some of which have never been studied for safety! These include carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers, and surfactants.

You’re probably asking yourself how can these end up in the products I use every day? Well, loopholes in Canada’s cosmetic labelling requirements mean manufacturers don’t have to disclose specific ingredients. They get away with this by using the terms perfume, perfume or fragrance. These terms represent an unknown mixture of dozens of harmful chemicals that we are using every single day. The only way to protect yourself is to be an educated, informed consumer. And the same goes for household products like cleaners, pots & pans and more.

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Sign up NOW to get FREE access to The Eco Hub's 30 Day Healthy Home Detox
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