Green Kitchen

DIY All-Purpose Kitchen Scouring Scrub & Cleanser

This is a simple, effective, homemade recipe that with whiten and disinfect your kitchen, safely! I love to clean and you’re like WHAAAAT? It’s true, I find the whole process quite zen. It’s a time for me to put on my fav tunes and tune out the world.

Green find of the week Candice Batista The Eco Hub

Green Find: Burlap Sack

Going green should be easy, period. And today, more than ever there are so many awesome products on the market to make the search a little easier. You can find sustainable versions of just about anything, if you know how to look and you can find them at big box stores too. I really want yo help you on your green journey, so every week I am going to share my Green Find Of The Week.

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6 Useful Tools For Every Green Kitchen

Going green literally starts at home and now more than ever there are so many useful, safe, green options for you and your family. You don’t have to do it all at once as I’ve said over and over again, change takes time, but why not have a little fun in the process? I love trying new items, I only buy what I need and always look for items that will really make my experience and my life better.


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