The Climate Strike Is Over, Now What?

The #GlobalClimateStrike has been an amazing thing to watch, as someone who has spent the last 20 years of my life trying to educate people on the plight of our planet, it was very inspiring to see so many young (and old) people stand up for what they believe in and demand systemic change from our politicians, but The Climate Strike Is Over, Now What?

But, I can’t help but wonder what will happen after the strike. After all the media attention dies down, what will happen?

Will it be business as usual? Or will we actually see the change we are demanding? I am not 100% sure of that answer.

BUT, we have a really great opportunity to continue to make our voices heard.

I’ve put together a few actionable steps you can take AFTER the strike is done.

1. Stay Political

The strike is over, that does not mean you should stop being political. How you vote and where you put your money matters. Talk to your family about what matters to you, talk about the candidates in the upcoming Canadian Federal election. Research them, get to know what their party stands for. Donate to candidates that are aligned with you your values. Get involved, maybe that means volunteering for your candidate. Canvas you’re neighbourhood and talk to your neighbours. Go to a city council meeting. Write to your representative and tell them what’s important to you! Contact the brands you buy from and get them to tell you how their products are sourced. Use social media – this is one of the most effective ways to get brands to listen to you, so tell them that you want a change.

two young girls holing up protest signs

2. Donate

To organizations that are on the front lines fighting climate change. There are lots of ways to give.

3. Be Informed.

Revolutions in renewable energy, important decisions in environmental policy, climate change research illustrate there is a lot going on in the environment sector, and it is important to stay informed. Sign up to newsletters that will help you. Some of my fav’s: Green Matters, Alternatives Journal, Eco Watch, David Suzuki Foundation, and Environmental Defense.

4. Make A Pledge

You can make a pledge to make a change in your own life and join a global movement of people fighting to protect our planet. Commit to earth-friendly acts, make more sustainable choices, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve energy and resources, collaborate on environmental projects in your community, vote for leaders committed to protecting us and the environment, and share your acts of green to help educate and inspire others to join our movement!

5. Start your own movement

This seems pretty daunting but look what Greta Thunberg and Plastic Free July have done!

Still not sure what to do next?

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The Climate Strike Is Over, Now What?

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