The Real Facts About Plastic And The Pandemic

The plastics industry is trying to convince us that plastic is safer, I talk to  Environmental Defence to get real facts about plastic and the pandemic.

The Story Of Plastic” is a powerful and poignant documentary that exposes the unbelievable and undeniable detrimental effects plastic has on our planet.

Nine million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every single year and in many parts of the world, fishermen catch as much plastic as fish and many developing nations are literally drowning in it.

And yet with all of this going on, the plastic industry is set to ramp up its production at an alarming rate. This will increase greenhouse gas emissions, which we know are responsible for climate change.

The industry is using the pandemic to push its agenda that single-use plastic is safer than our reusables. Yes, public health is of the utmost importance, this interview is not about plastic PPE, it’s about unnecessary single-use items like bottles that offer nothing more than the garbage they create.

It’s a serious issue and one we simply cannot ignore. The plastic industry is a powerful one, tied directly into the fossil fuel industry.

Back in March the CEO  of Plastics Industry Association wrote a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar equating fighting the pandemic with rolling back bans on single-use plastic. “I am proud to say that the plastics industry is working overtime to produce products and supplies to help in the effort,” he said. He went on to claim the “push to eliminate single-use plastic” was misguided, that “study after study after study have shown that reusable bags can carry viruses and bacteria, spread them throughout a grocery store, and live on surfaces for up to three days,” that plastic bag bans are “tying the hands of shoppers and retailers,” and “single-use plastics are often the safest choice” for fighting COVID-19. He urged HHS to “speak out against bans on these products as a public safety risk and help stop the rush to ban these products by environmentalists and elected officials that puts consumers and workers at risk.”

I honestly don’t know how these people sleep at night! What kind of legacy do they want to leave their kids?

I’d love to know what you think, are you using more plastic? Do you see this as an issue? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Truth About Plastic & The Pandemic


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