In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are very aware of the physical impact that emotional stimulus has on the body. Both on the creation of Illness and disease, but also on the ability to heal. Our different emotions have specific effects on each of the organs.

Sadness and grief injure the Lung by consuming its energy or Qi. But on the flip side, Happiness tonifies and strengthens them. Close your eyes, connect to your breath and put a big smile on your face and just watch how your body begins to change. A smile can be powerful!

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Hate injures the Heart. It builds fire in the heart that speeds things up leading to disharmony and disease. But holding on to the perfect picture of a loving moment, person, or Animal can heal the heart by cooling things off and slowing the Energy down.

Anger, irritability and stress injure the Liver. They are all the result of trying to control things that can’t be controlled. The remedy…. gratitude! Simply saying Thank You over and over in your mind will generate a feeling of gratitude and heal your stressed-out liver.

Worry and overthinking injure your Spleen by causing energy to stagnate. By bringing your awareness to the present moment you can stop your runaway freight train of a mind and heal your digestion.

Fear injures the Kidney by deranging the flow of energy. Finding understanding and wisdom of the true nature of the situation heals the kidney and allows the energy to flow smoothly once again.

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How we feel on a daily basis can be the source of toxin that injures us, or the medicine that heals us. As with all that influences us in life, it is our perspective that dictates reality. Let take this moment to use the energy of our emotions to raise the vibrational frequency of our body to one that heals instead of hurts. To create ease instead of dis-ease. To create some internal heaven instead of hell.

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Emotional Healing Meditation

Find a place to quietly sit. Full lotus, half-lotus, on a chair, couch or side of the bed. Lift from the crown of your head to elongate and decompress your spine. Place your hands on your lap and close your eyes. Now, take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe in, feel and allow your stomach to gently expand. As you breathe out, feel and allow your stomach to gently contract. Spend a few moments here, with your focus on your breath and allow your mind and body to calm down and settle.

With your eyes closed, extend a wide smile on your face. Feel how the motion of smiling activates the muscles of your cheeks. Feel how it flares your nostrils allowing you to take in a deeper breath. It’s almost like the happier you are the easier you can breathe. Now take your awareness to your chest and focus on the physical sensation in your chest as you breathe deeply into your lungs. Allow the happy, relaxing energy of your beautiful smile to melt any tension out of your chest. With each breath allow your chest to expand and relax. Allow the happiness of your smile to fill your lunges with the healing energy that only a smile can generate. There is no room for sadness, grief or depression. The healing energy of happiness has expanded and filled every ounce of space in your lungs. Spend as long as you need with your focus on your lungs until they are completely filled with happiness, relaxed and peaceful.

Next, continue to smile as you take your awareness to the centre of your chest and connect to the beating of your heart. Feel its rhythm, its speed, its strength. Can you feel it beating? Pumping blood and nourishing your body. Now, take a moment to picture someone or something that you love unconditionally. It could be your partner, your parent, your child, your pet. Create a clear picture of them in your mind doing “that thing” that instantly creates the feeling of unconditional love you have for them. Allow the feeling of love that the image creates to slow and relax the speed of your heart. Hold on to the visual image for a few moments and allow that calming and relaxing love to harmonize and heal the beat of your heart.

Next, take your awareness to the lower right side of your rib cage. This is where your liver resides. Your liver rules over the smooth and gentle movement of energy around your body.   Energy that moves your blood and nourishes your tissues. Feelings of stress, anger and irritability stagnate the energy of the liver leading to aches and pains in the body. Our desire to control the things we know deep down can’t be controlled, leads to those feelings. The Remedy, is the manifestation of gratitude, which removes the stagnations and allows the energy of the liver to flow. All that is necessary to soothe the liver is to repeat over and over in your mind, “Thank you”. Not thank you for anything in particular, just thank you. Before you know it, by simply saying thank you, you will begin to feel thankful and grateful for all you have. Spend as long as you need with your focus on your liver, repeating a heartfelt “thank you” in your mind, until you are completely overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness.

Next, take your awareness to the lower left side of your rib cage. This is where your Spleen resides. Your Spleen rules over your digestive process and your ability to turn the food you eat into the energy and blood that run your body. Overthinking, worry and pensiveness injure your Spleen. By spinning your mental wheels over and over, you slowly exhaust your body’s transformative energy leading to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. To heal the spleen you need to reconnect your mind to the present moment. On your next breath in, slowly push your stomach out as far as your. Allow your diaphragm to push down on your abdomen  and stimulate movement through your digestive tract. Then, as you breath out, slowly pull your stomach in as tight as you can. Spend as long as you need with your focus on the connection to this extended diaphragmatic breath and its stimulating effect on your digestion. Allow each long slow deep breath to stimulate your digestive process, turning the food you’ve eaten into the energy and blood you need, healing your spleen.

Next, take your attention to your lower back, just below your ribs. This is where your Kidneys reside. Your kidneys rule over the proper formation of bones and teeth. But most importantly, their energy lays the foundation upon which the strength of all other organs is based. Your kidneys are injured by Fear and fright. Fear deranges the smooth movement of Qi leading to weakness of the entire body.

The Remedy, is Wisdom and understanding. As you focus your attention on your kidneys, understand that you are in control of your own healing process. Your mind sets the focus and your heart delivers the medicine.

You are the answer,

You have everything you’ve been looking for, right inside you.

You are the answer,

You ARE everything you’ve always needed to be!

You are the answer,

You decide what hurts you, but you also decide what heals you!


Finally, Take your attention to the crown of your head. Visualize beautiful white light pouring down from the sky filling your entire body. With each breath, imagine your body slowly filling up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head with beautiful, bright, white, healing light. Once you have filled your body, once again say to yourself,

“Thank you, for healing me!”

….Give it a try!


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Bodhi Batista, R.Ac

For over twenty years, Bodhi Batista has been motivating and educating people of all ages, to lead healthier lives by building stronger, healthier bodies. With formal training in Sociology and Kinesiology from The University of Western Ontario combined with several fitness consulting certifications, including the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) and the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong and an honors degree in Acupuncture from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bodhi's patients have come to trust and depend on his diverse wealth of knowledge in all aspects of health, nutrition, flexibility, muscular conditioning, philosophy, meditation, and martial arts.
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